How To Spot Who Has Been Visiting Your Website


Without going back to 1984, Big Brother watches everyone, at least online. Every website or landing page you visit, from whatever device, can be recorded. This is usually done to give marketers insights into who you are and, most importantly, what you might like to buy next.

The reality is that there is no way to correctly identify and even contact every anonymous visitor to a website. However, this presents a huge opportunity for B2B companies to learn more about customers and better approach them.

Below are some easy ways that you can spot customs on your website.

●     Identification of Website Through Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics tool used for spotting visors metrics to a website. This Is because it is highly reliable and can provide a wealth of information to website owners. For example, with Google Analytics, you would see which pages they visit, where they come from, and how much traffic you are getting.

Although this method would cease operation by 2023, using Google Analytics to monitor geographic, demographic, and more information about your visitors. You can also use click fraud prevention software to determine real persons that have visited your website.

●     Use IP Address Look-Up

Though Google Analytics does not disclose visitors’ IP addresses due to privacy policy, other applications or tools are available that can allow you to capture visitors’ IPs and then run a reverse look-up to see who visited your website. Of course, you can also look through your server.

This software works by identifying the visitors’ IP addresses and matching them to a database of individuals and companies. This software gives good results based on the quality of the data set.

But they do not give you a list of everyone who visits your site. Additionally, you can use marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot and Pardot to know who’s on your website.

●     Pre-Built Website Plugin

Another way to see who has visited your website is to use a pre-built solution or plugin, especially one that does not require complicated tracking codes. All you need to do is sign up, then check your business dashboard to see a list of companies that have visited your website.

You will also be able to click on a lead to get more information, like how you can get in touch with them. Additionally, you can level up your B2B lead generation effort when you optimize your accounts with scheduled notifications, custom filters, and also the ability to assign leads to certain members of your sales team.

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That a Wrap

It is not easy to track website visitors. Furthermore, it is pretty hard to know or see exactly who is visiting your website with privacy policies. You would not even be able to get their email.

But, there are several metrics that you can see which will tell you about who’s visiting your website. Google Analytics and other software tools can give you good data. Used together, you would be able to understand your visitors, what they do, and how you can convert them into leads.

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