How to Start Buying and Selling on Crypto Trading Platforms


If you are a keen crypto investor, you already know that investing in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoins, has turned out to be quite a lucrative option for investors.

But if you are a new investor, looking for investing in things that would give you a very high return and know nothing about cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is a part of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are basically digital currencies that you can use to make payments while buying anything. A lot of people support the idea of Cryptos and how they function, while there are a considerable number of people that just borderline hate the idea of transacting in cryptocurrencies.

They think that the cryptocurrency bubble will soon burst. Their major concern is that cryptos do not have any legal backing, and furthermore, it is heavily volatile, and thus the value of cryptos changes every day. For more information you can visit here

Things You Should Keep in Mind

Payments that are applicable include credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. The two most important things that should be on the priority list of new investors are privacy and security. Never talk publicly about your holdings.

It would be foolish to do so because first, bitcoins are not physical entities, so actually, you are not holding anything, and secondly, if hackers come to know about it, they will use social engineering methods to get your wallet key.

Steps to Start Buying and Selling

Before you start buying and selling cryptos, you need a few things in your arsenal: an exchange account, Identification documents, a private internet connection, and a mode of payment

1. Select an Exchange

Selecting an exchange platform is very crucial. Make sure you look into the past performances of the exchanges, see the reviews, ask around in the crypto community about the exchange that you have chosen.

Make a proper investigation before selecting an exchange because this is where many fraudulent activities take place. Many pose as fake exchanges. Also, it is wise to choose an exchange that allows investors to withdraw money into their personal wallets.

2. Select a payment option for your exchange

Now it’s time to give your personal identification. The documents required vary from exchanges to exchanges. But mainly, it requires a driver’s license, social security number, and proof of your source of income.

Before you can go further you have uploaded your documents. Your documents will be confirmed in a matter of minutes. The final step is the crucial part, the payment option. Select the right payment option.

3. Start Buying and Selling

After selecting the exchange and payment option, you can start buying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Buying cryptocurrencies have become so mainstream that it’s almost equal to buying and selling stocks.

The interphase of the Crypto exchange platforms is user friendly. These days exchanges have started offering recurring investments allowing clients to make investments of their choice. For instance, Coinbase allows investors to invest on a recurring basis.

4. Select Storage

Crypto wallets are where you store all your cryptocurrency. Make sure you transfer the Bitcoins out of the exchange and move them securely in your wallet. These wallets provide keys to users. Some wallets are more secure than other wallets.

Wallets that are accessible only online are called Hot wallets; they are considered to be slightly less secure, whereas offline wallets are called Cold wallets. New investors prefer cold wallets to hot wallets as the risk of the wallet being compromised is nil.

Key Takeaways

These were the steps for how new investors can start buying and selling Cryptocurrencies on platforms. It is important to research thoroughly while selecting exchange platforms.

Also, make sure that only you have access to your wallet’s keys, and the final thing to keep in mind is to opt for a cold wallet if you are a new trader.

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