5 Tips to Keep Your Online Bank Account Secure


Over the past years, the banking industry has changed to a great extent. You don’t have to visit the bank psychically just to send the money to your relatives. You send money across the globe via the online portal. The things that you required a psychical visit to the bank can be done via the online banking system. But when things move online, hackers always try to take advantage of it.

In this article, we will give you 5 amazing tips that you will keep your online banking account secure. Follow the tips carefully so that you can stay protected from the hacker’s attack.

Change the password regularly

You should change your password regularly. By changing your online banking password, it becomes hard for the hackers to plan an organized attack. You might think to change the password regularly and to remember it is a very tough task. You can use a free password manager from google and it will store the information. When you change the password just click the update password button that pops in the window.

Stop using the public Wi-Fi

When you access your online banking account using public Wi-Fi, you imposing a great threat. The hackers are always looking for the people who are trying to log into the online banking account using the public Wi-Fi network. It’s better to use mobile data rather than depending on public Wi-Fi. By using the mobile data, you can securely manage the setups and make securely transact using your online banking portal. In case of any emergency use the on-screen keyboard to login to your bank account since the hackers won’t be able to track the keystroke.

Use a premium VPN

Those who are using the online banking account on a regular basis must use a premium VPN. Without using the premium VPN it will be a very big challenge for the users to keep their account safe from the hacker’s threat. You can search for the trial VPN without credit card and see what benefits it add to your life. Chances are very high that you will fall in love with the VPN by seeing its amazing features. All the processes are done in the encrypted network and no one will be able to hack your data. Even if they manage to get the details, it will be encrypted and it will take years before they decrypt the information. By the time they decipher the data, you will already change the password.

Enable two factors authentication

You must enable two factors authentication since it is the best way to protect your privacy online. Let’s say, the hackers have managed to get the banking details. When they will initiate the login process, they will be asked for the OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number. Unless your mobile phone is already hacked, it will be impossible to get critical data and steal your money. Two factors authentication is a great feature added by the premium banks to protect the information of the client. It might hectic for the frequent users but it’s more problematic for the hackers. Always enable two factors authentication as it can save your money from the hacker’s community.

Use a secured device

When you try to login to the bank account, you must use a secured device and secure search engine. Trying to access your bank account on a public computer or using a public network is a great mistake. You never know whether the security of the public computer is up to the market. Smart users never trust the new device to log into their bank account. You must develop this habit as it can protect your fund. Make sure you keep your software updated and use the latest antivirus program.

Once in a while perform a full scan on your computer and see whether any unwanted application is running in the background. If so, quarantine those applications and secure your PC. Last but not least be careful when you set the password. Always use a strong password so that no one can guess.

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