Effective Tips To Write Amazing Google AdWords text Ad Copy


Writing effective, conversational, and catchy Google Adwords requires a mix of talent, skills, experience as well a key understanding of the market in which you are operating.

As it is in any other form of creativity, profiling your audience allows you to speak to them in the most appropriate language, within the suitable platform, and at the right time. Precisely, there is a lot more that goes into creating outstanding Google Adwords that resonate well with the target audience.

There are many competitive ways of advertising today, with video marketing options giving Google Adwords formidable competition. However, the underlying element of them all is that creative, attention-grabbing, and consumer-centric writing is fundamental.

In this post, we explore several top tips to guide you in writing amazing Google Adwords. Here we go.

Think of the Visitor’s Desires and End Goal

Adverts are a dominant feature in today’s online existence and they hit web visitors from all directions. But not all ads are attractive to all people. Visitors only click on that which appeals to their desires and end goals.

With this in mind, you must keep in mind what your audience is looking for. In other words, they will only click on your ad if it promises to fulfill a certain desire that they have within.

If, for instance, you are a real estate agent, you could promise your audience that you will help them find the “perfect, comfortable, home within their budget.” With this, you’ve established that you are capable of giving a solution. This will be a relevant ad for anyone already looking to buy a house. They believe you have a way to fulfill their desire, their end goal.

Highlight the Benefits: Be informative.

Why will they choose you over any other provider?

From the onset, your audience needs to know the benefits they will drive from your product and generally associating with you. Any time you write a copy that tells your audience how they will benefit from your product, you increase the chances of people clicking on your Ad and actually buying from you.

Consider this Example

“Your one-stop reliable law firm on all your questions on migration, work, and study in the USA.”

In this line, you’ve informed your target audience (TA) that you are a law firm and this makes you an authority they can believe in. You also tell them to ask any questions on the subject, which again shows you as open and welcoming. This warm way of addressing your audience makes you friendly and approachable and it can drive good business your way.

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Choose Impactful Keywords 

Keywords are an integral part of your online existence. You get to identify appropriate keywords by learning the search behavior and patterns of your online audiences.

Finding the right keywords and putting them up for Google Adwords is one of the most challenging aspects of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns because there are lots of variables to consider. Here is an actionable approach to keywords for PPC marketing.

Group your keywords properly.

Keywords for AdWords campaigns will generally fall into two categories: Popular keywords and longtail keywords. Each of these categories plays a given role in driving your clicks. Any keyword may have several modifiers and variants, and you must know how to pick exactly what is relevant for your campaigns. For example, the keyword “shoes” may have variants such as men’s shoes, “rubber shoes,” leather shoes, etcetera. If you include long-tail keywords such as “men’s best running shoes,” you have higher chances of attracting a specific audience.

Keyword research and placement for Google Adwords play a primary role in driving success.

Use Emotional Appeal: Scarcity, Rarity, and Urgency 

This is one of the traditional approaches to advertising and continues to rank as a winning formula.

There are several ways to use motional triggers and get a positive response. This technique works magic in fields where the message has a personal effect. Health, insurance, and legal matters are just a few examples in this category.

Some of the highlights of an emotionally appealing approach include:

Scarcity: Marketers may craft messages that tell their audience to “hurry while stocks last.” Essentially, they are saying only a few items are in stock.

Rarity: Electric car maker Tesla and others use this approach a lot. Here, you use words such as “only few examples produced.” It’s also used in selling artifacts where sellers mention a highly valued artist or art piece.

Time:” End year sale/discount” is fundamentally a marketing gimmick that connects your end year celebrations to the sale of an item that could go along with it.

Testimonials: You can use factual data or personal reviews to back up your claim of the product’s benefits.

Choose a Language That Resonates

Before you craft your Adwords in Adelaide or anywhere around the world, you must classify your audience and identify the kind of language that will resonate with them at a quick glance. Think of it like a TV breaking news highlight. It’s meant to catch the attention of everyone who comes across it quickly.

Here is a good example. The kind of language you use to sell an insurance policy to an elderly retiree isn’t applicable to a middle-aged house buyer. Similarly, how you sell a house to a middle-aged man will differ from how you sell a car to a young graduate on their first job.

Do your research beforehand and identify the most befitting language for your target audience.

Be Very Specific in Responding to User’s Query

Most people get to Google seeking very specific and possibly precise answers. However, what they get is a long list of specific, possible answers and sometimes variations of the same query.

Your PPC campaign will have a better response when you answer specific queries from your audience. However, applying the principle of wider responses has the potential of directing several potential clients to your campaign.

It’s About Them and Not You: Use Empathy

Human beings naturally like to feel well-cared for, and this message needs to sink. In the same breath, people are more inclined to buy or do business that seems to have their concern at heart.

In creating your copy for Google Adwords, ensure that you appeal to both the fears, concerns as well as interests of your audience. Put yourself in your shoes and try to imagine how they would react in any given situation, then provide a solution for this situation. For example, if a dentist says that he provides “fast, efficient and quick-recovery dental solutions,” he clearly addresses some of the main fears that a dental patient will have.

Never Forget an Appealing CTA

Finally, create a strong Call to Action (CTA). You have a number of choices when it comes to CTA. You can ask them to subscribe, to buy, to call to email, or any other relevant way of reaching out. A CTA encourage your audience to connect with you now that they already have the message you intended to pass through.


Success on Google Adwords campaigns requires a strategic approach and a combination of several tactics. Over a period of time, you need to test various approaches and pick the most suitable for your campaigns. Importantly, you will also need to adjust with time as Google frequently updates how information is accessed and consumed.

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