Useful Link Building Tips and Tricks From the Pros


In this digital age, it is important to build a solid online presence if you want to attract more visitors to your site. The competition online is very strong, so employing effective techniques that help you stand out is essential. One effective method of doing this is by using a search engine optimization strategy (SEO) that helps drive organic traffic to your site.

Link building is one of the most vital components of SEO that involves linking your site to other websites to attract more visitors. As such, quality link building is a must if you are looking to improve your website’s online visibility and ranking, regardless of the size or specialty of your business. Read on to learn some useful link building tips and tricks from the pros.

Build Brand Authority

If you want to build strong links for your website, the first thing that you must do is to try to build brand authority. Without a strong brand, it becomes difficult for Google to rank your site on top of other brands. You need to use your brand name naturally in your content so that Google can easily recognize it. Google builds a percentage of trust for each brand depending on the frequency they appear on its search pages.

Focus on Your Niche

If you want to drive more traffic to your site, you must know the needs of your target audience. You must look for quality blogs with information that is relevant to your niche to attract more visitors to your site. For instance, if your niche deals with automobile spare parts, you must make sure that you use the right keyword that can lead you to blogs with relevant information. You must desist from the practice of using irrelevant filler content on your site. It is also important to include links with fresh content since outdated information might not add value to the needs of the target audience.

Create Quality and Powerful Content

Link building exercise should go hand in hand with quality content that you publish on your website. This will help ensure that new links are created.  Many people will visit the site if it offers valuable information that can help them solve their problems. When you provide relevant content, other people will also use your site as their link which positively improves the ranking of your site.

You must also create a power page post that contains perfect information that makes readers feel like commenting or sharing the information. The content should add value to the needs of the visitors to your site. You should provide in-depth and long content with a minimum of about 2,000 words.

Link to Credible Sites

You must ensure that you build backlinks from trusted sites to build a good reputation as a professional platform. Another major benefit of using trusted sites is that they will help establish your website’s authority and improve its ranking on different search results pages. If you try this backlink strategy from SEOJet, you will realize that authority sites like Wikipedia always rank high as they provide credible information. So, when you build links, you must focus on backlinks that come from verified websites that Google trusts.

Use Fast Loading Websites

Apart from choosing trusted sites for your links, you should also ensure that they load quickly. One thing that deters people from staying long on a website is slow loading pages. Therefore, before you include the links in your content, you must test the speed of the websites. You also need to make sure that the websites that you use as your links are mobile optimized as well.

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Use Appropriate Anchor Text

You must use the right anchor text for every link so that it looks natural to Google. For instance, you can use blended anchors that contain part of your key phrases so that they can easily match with your keywords. Optimized keywords can easily rank on top of different search engine results pages, especially if they are unique. Google can easily pull key phrases from the anchors that help improve the ranking of your site.

Incorporate Infographics

The other strategy that you can use to promote links involves the creation of infographics. You need to build relevant infographics for your audience and keep it simple. You must optimize the images so that they load quickly. Try to create a story that appeals to the interests of the visitors such that they will follow it. You must create an eye-catching headline for your infographic that can attract many visitors.

Use Social Media to Build Links

Social media has gained widespread use among different people, and it is also becoming more relevant in link building for your site. You must link your social media pages to your content. People who will read your content can also visit the links that will act as calls to action. When more people click the links you post on your site, this will show Google that you are creating valuable content for your target audience. Additionally, you can also utilize other social bookmarking sites where the visitors can easily edit, add, or share content across the web. This will help you create high-quality backlinks that in turn drive traffic to your site.

Hold Contests and Giveaways

Holding contests and giveaways is another effective link building technique that you can utilize to drive traffic to your site. It is a fact that many people enjoy taking contests online especially if they come with giveaway prices. You should create a relevant contest where interested participants should link back. You can offer multiple prizes to attract many contestants.

Hold Contests and Giveaways

Your SEO strategy plays a critical role in driving organic traffic to your website. Before people buy different products and services, they look for relevant information that can help them make informed decisions. Therefore, you should utilize different strategies that can improve your website’s online visibility to make sure your prospective customers can easily find you when shopping around.

Link building helps attract more visitors to your site, especially when you provide quality content that is backed up by credible links that provide more relevant information to the visitors. Depending on your business, various link building techniques can significantly improve the ranking of your website, so be sure to consider your needs and objectives first to create the best link building strategy for your brand.

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