WBT Token And Other New Crypto Coins of 2022

The WhiteBIT crypto exchange is the largest platform for European crypto trading and investment. It operates legally and adheres to all the requirements in this field. The platform implements mechanisms for users’ protection against hacker attacks and keeps track of suspicious activities, not allowing them to harm the exchange.

Every user who wants to access all the functionality tools of the WhiteBIT exchange has to pass registration and verification. Furthermore, every client is checked thoroughly before being given access to the exchange tools.

Tools and opportunities WhiteBIT offers:

  • buy crypto, sell, swap;
  • trade futures;
  • margin;
  • p2p exchange;
  • spot markets;
  • referral program;
  • staking.

Recently, the exchange issued a WBT token – a native currency that will give lots of advantages to the platform users. The token emission is limited. Every week, part of them is burned. Half of all the issued tokens are locked. They will be gradually unlocked during the next three years. So far, it is possible to buy WhiteBIT token on the WhiteBIT exchange, but when WBT is listed in other large crypto platforms, you will have the opportunity to buy it elsewhere.

The WBT token provides its owners with discounts on transaction fees, access to other products that cooperate with the WhiteBIT exchange, and many other additional features and benefits.

WhiteBIT is open to new partnerships and cooperation. Many young and promising projects enter the WhiteBITfamily, and you can buy their tokens on the WhiteBIT exchange.

Other new coins available on WhiteBIT:

  • KAVA
  • Qtum
  • Theta
  • Zilliqa
  • AMP
  • NEXO
  • and many others.

To learn more about WBT and other tokens, read the White Blog. This is a valuable resource with helpful guides on trading and articles on crypto topics. You will find many interesting projects and their descriptions on the White Blog.

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