What Are The 4 Types Of Grants?


What are the four types of grants? They are, in fact, gifts for website design. While you may not think that this is a viable choice, if you have your website, then you will no doubt know that it has come to light time again that people want to buy your product or services, to see how attractive your website is, and so they go on to purchase via the Internet. It would help if you got your website noticed, and this is where these types of grants come into play.

Grants Specifically

Are you aware that you can quickly get grants for website designing? These grants specifically will be designed to aid in the promotion of your business. And, of course, the design of your website is essential. Without it, how can a person possibly know that your website exists? It all rests in the creation of your page. The more appealing it is, the more likely people are to visit, and then perhaps invest further in whatever it is you have to offer.

Governmental Agency

How do you get a grant? This type of grant? Well, the first step in getting a gift is to approach the appropriate authorities at whatever governmental agency may be interested in your project. This could be the Small Business Administration (SBA) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Whatever the case, the key is to find the proper authorities and let them know what you intend to do.

Personal Use

Now, if you are looking for a website design grant, you will need to realize that this type of grant is not the same as other grants given out. Website design grants are only given out when you have an actual purpose for having a website put together. And the definition will vary from agency to agency. In other words, you will need to apply for a grant that will assist you with putting together a website for your personal use, of course.


The purpose behind getting a website design grant, then, becomes apparent. First of all, it is money. It is free money. Second, there is generally no limit on the number of grants you can apply for, although many grants are targeted towards specific organizations and people, such as small business owners and women start-ups. The third reason why a commission may be given out – and why a website design grant may be offered – is that there is no profit motive involved in getting a license other than possibly helping you get accepted into college.

Educational Organizations

What are the four types of grants? They are Academic Grants, which go to educational organizations or individuals; Business Grants, which are given to businesses or individuals; Government Grants, which are assigned to government agencies, organizations, etc.; Transportation Grants, which are given to government officials, etc.; Specific Purpose Grants, which are given out for one particular reason, such as “study abroad,” “business development,” etc.; and Non-Profit Grants, which are awarded to people who do not necessarily need to pay back, but who want to be helping the less fortunate. There are also scholarships, bursaries, and research grants.

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Non -Profit Organization

If you’re still not sure, what are the four types of grants? Just think about this: if you were applying for a donation to help pay off your student loans, and you know that you have to repay them, would you say that you are a business person, an academic person, a government person, an individual, or a non-profit organization? That should give you a pretty good idea of what type of grants you should be looking at.


One final point about the grants. It’s important to understand that each assignment is designed to provide a particular “benefit.” Some are designed to help the organization that receives it to function better. Some are designed to help people get trained in new areas. Some are designed to improve the marketability of a product or service, and some are designed to encourage publishing a particular book or film. It’s also important to realize that not every grant you apply for will be funded. The website design grant page needs to highlight those few and leave off the rest.

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