What Is Intranet? Everything You Need to Know


Running a business in today’s digital age involves wearing a variety of hats for many occasions. It requires you to be organized and efficient as you share information while collaborating with colleagues.

This can be tough if employees save documents in different locations or use unintegrated technologies. What could a possible solution be? Enter intranet.

Read on to learn what is intranet and everything you need to know to help your company increase productivity and engagement.

What Is Intranet?

Okay, what is the internet and an intranet, anyway?

To clear up any confusion: The internet is a globally-connected network of computers accessible by anybody, where companies or governments can own certain bits.

What is an intranet site? An intranet site is a private, restricted network only accessible to people within an organization to help employees communicate and collaborate together and store information. The intranet is bought or licensed by a company.

The intranet needs the internet to function, but it serves a completely different purpose.

The Purpose and Benefits of an Intranet

An intranet helps make the jobs of your employees easier. What was once a simple way to communicate has evolved into a hub, giving employees the ability to connect in an engaging way. You get knowledge-sharing, collaboration at scale, and much more.

Here are more benefits.

Better Alignment

Using an intranet helps break down silos and declutter inboxes while giving faster access to information.

It acts as a content management system, providing an omnichannel approach to policies, guidelines, mission, and vision with search functionality. This integrated approach creates more efficient workflows. It also enhances corporate communications while building awareness and interest in your brand.

Increased Employee Engagement

Unlike email or shared folders, intranets provide more than one-way communication. Modern intranets now use social collaboration features that allow employees to build profiles, share expertise and best practices, and participate in discussions.

They provide directories for quick access to the people (and their skills) within your company. Employees can contribute and share strategies—even with senior leadership.

Intranets can also determine patterns by using metrics to track and measure the impact of messages and communication.

Intranets nurture a high-performance community by making feedback, recognition, and encouragement of the daily standard. They develop a relevant, transparent dialogue company-wide.

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A company’s intranet gives employees immediate access from their own devices. This helps reduce expenses that can pile up from many software subscriptions.

Find out different elements that you can use when building an intranet site in this post.

Is an Intranet Right for Your Company?

Now that you know the answer to “what is intranet,” take a look at your business and see where there are gaps or issues. Can an intranet help fix them?

Now that you know more, take a look at your business and see where there are gaps or issues. Can an intranet help fix them? Figuring out what you need to use your intranet for will help in the researching and purchasing process.

For more advice like this and all the latest on tech and more, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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