What phone equipment do you need to work remotely from home?

No business can function perfectly without communications technology in place. And with the companies quickly adapting to the changing market trends amidst these unprecedented times, the need for communication systems is growing a lot more.

It won’t be wrong to say that remote working is entirely changing the game for today’s workforce. Hence, to make the transition smoother is by adopting remote office phone systems to allow teams to communicate from anywhere.

However, if you want to motivate your employees to do better, you need to give them a tool that enables them to complete their tasks independently. This is why organizations or consultants working from home need to upgrade to an office phone system that gives them access to remote functionality and exceptional call quality.

So, let’s dig into some prominent features before starting your search to find a reliable remote phone system.

Remote Phone Equipment: Must-Have Features

If you wish to streamline the communication between your users and employees, you need to give them access to one platform that helps them with phone service, team messaging, screen sharing, and video conferencing. Thanks to the expansion of VoIP services, telecommuting is even more accessible.

So, you must opt for the option that provides the following features.

  • Call routing: Thanks to VoIP’s automatic call distribution, you can make a call and receive one from anywhere.
  • Auto-attendant: Opting for a reliable VoIP phone system will help you increase efficiency with an auto-attendant. With this, a virtual assistant will greet your callers, defining different routes that will lead them to a local number.
  • Call forwarding: What if you are away from your phone? In that case, this feature will allow you to transfer the call and make the transition quick and seamless.
  • Call queuing: It will help put callers on hold if the team is busy with other customers. This reduces the chances of hanging up.
  • Video conferencing: This inbuilt feature will help your team to discuss important projects, screen sharing for meetings and presentations.
  • Voicemail to email: This feature will allow you to receive a voicemail in your inbox. This will help you save time listening to voicemail messages, thus improving your response times.
  • Call analytics: This helps to aggregate an incredible amount of data and analyze the performance, enabling you to serve your clients better.

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Based on these features, the following brands have come up with remote working solutions. Keep scrolling to learn more.

  • NEC: The brand provides the NEC SL2100 series as part of its extensive Voice and data technology solutions. This series offers remote workers an opportunity to leverage unified communications, mobile extensions, VoIP, Voicemail, Auto Attendants, just to name a few.
  • Grandstream: Its UCM series is a powerful and easy to manage voice, video, data, and mobility solution that provides the clients with unified communications.

Wrapping Up

With many organizations working from home amidst the pandemic, using a phone system is flexible and enables the staff to enjoy flexibility is becoming a lot more critical now. So, ensure that whatever brand you choose provides the features mentioned above for seamless communication and collaboration.

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