Why Is A New Roof Important For Your Home?


Are you searching for roof installation services in Harrisburg PA? Then the smart approach is to get quotations from various contractors. Usually, what people do is that after getting the quote, they dismiss the idea of a new roof because of the high cost.

But you are not alone. Almost every homeowner gets shocked when they find out about the costs of a new roof. The commercial roofing contractors in Harrisburg PA are the most expensive.

The reality is that roofing is a huge investment and there is no shortcut around it. This is an expenditure you need to bear anyhow. If you get a new roof in your next house then you are probably the luckiest person alive. You will save on expensive repairs and replacements.

But, in case, you are not that lucky and shift to a house that has an old, rotten, broken roof with no maintenance for years, then you are left with only one option, a new roof. Here is how a new roof will benefit you.

1. A new roof is a long-term investment

Without a doubt, most homeowners get shocked when they find out the cost of a new roof. But the good news is that roof replacement offers a complete return on your investment in the long run. This is one major reason why people get a new roof before putting their property on sale.

If you get a high-quality new roof, you can easily get around 70% return on the investment, which is fantastic. In simple words, this means that you will get back around 70% of the money you spent when you purchase the new roof.

Moreover, a new roof can instantly uplift the worth of your home, so when you sell your property, you can enjoy a good amount of profit.

In the end, you should know that a new roof lasts for more than two decades, and if properly maintained it can live up to three decades.

Whatever may be the case, whether you are selling your property or investing in a high-quality roof, you will get a full return on your investment.

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2. Enjoy reductions in your energy bills with energy-efficiency

The 21st century is all about making your homes energy-efficient to save on energy bills. In fact, if you go out in the real estate market, you will find that recently built homes are equipped with all the energy-efficient features.

Remember, that without energy efficiency your energy bills will keep piling up. Even though there are multiple home upgrades you can opt for to achieve energy efficiency, the roof plays a crucial role in helping you achieve this purpose.

Go for a credible roofing contractor who works for a licensed company to get your new energy-efficient roof and watch your energy bills dwindle in no time. You will also find your living space to become more comfortable to live in.

These new “cool” roofing systems have new technologies that enforce heat deflection. It consequently keeps the house cooler and doesn’t require as much energy to control house temperature.

3. Feel an increased sense of stability

Have you ever heard that famous phrase “having a solid roof over your head”? Do you know the phrase has a lot more worth than just being a simple phrase randomly said by someone?

An individual who has suffered the disasters of a leaking roof knows the importance of having a stable roof over the head.

It may seem like that the roof is an exterior characteristic of the home but it plays an important role in defining the interior of your home as well. The benefits of a good roof are usually underestimated.

At the same time, a poor-quality roof can easily destroy the curb appeal of your home. So, if you have a solid roof over your head, do not undervalue it.

If you have an old roof, you will see that warm air easily leaks through it during the cold season and vice versa in summers. Ask yourself, do you wish to put your family through this trauma in freezing winters? Of course not!

4. Provides you safety for years to come

An old roof has multiple other drawbacks other than letting warm air escape during winters and inviting warm air in during summers. One purpose of a roof is to provide you safety.

In fact, old roofs that are on the edge of their lifespan present serious hazards for human beings living inside. It can harbor mold infestation and impact the look and safety of your home. The bacterial infestation can pose serious health risks for children.

Besides, you cannot ignore the threat of your roof collapsing over your head during bad weather storms such as wind or snowfall. Under an old roof, you are practically living in a ticking time bomb.

5. Enhances the curb appeal of your property

In addition to getting a full return on your investment, a new roof plays a crucial role in improving and enhancing the curb appeal of your home. No matter if you are buying or selling a property, the curb appeal is an important factor that can make or break a deal.

This is especially important for the sellers when they are shelving their property for the potential buyers in the market. You will also be respected in your neighborhood for good house maintenance skills.

6. You get a guarantee from your contractor

Professional roofers while installing a new roof offer homeowners a valid warranty. If you look at it from an economics perspective, this is not too much to ask for keeping in view the huge amount you are spending.

The warranty offers you peace that in case of any damages, the contractor will bear the liability and the costs. You can use these warranties to your benefit if you act smart while replacing or installing a new roof.

Either way, a new roof is a win-win situation for your property.

7. Offers your home a new outlook

Generally, when a homeowner is looking for upgrades, they opt for a fresh coat of paint, a little trim here and there, however, a new roof is a major upgrade for your home that can instantly uplift the appearance of your home.

When you are getting a new roof, you may also want to pay attention to certain enhancements on your roof. Let’s say you want natural light to fall in your home during daylight hours, you can get a skylight installed on your new roof by getting rid of the old shingles.

Modern-day roofs come equipped with the latest advancements and technologies that were accessible a few decades ago. This includes adding functionality through structure and interior upgrades.

So, while you are on the road to getting a new roof, invest in one that is technologically advanced.

Get a new roof and enjoy the benefits for decades

All in all, getting a new roof is no simple feat. It is a decision that requires a lot of deliberation. It may not fit in your budget but the investment will reap off benefits for the next three decades if you properly maintain it.

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