Why You Should Use SaaS LMS – Six Amazing Benefits


SaaS LMS stands for Software-as-a-Service Learning Management System. The LMS platforms are cloud-based, so learners can access the content presented to them from anywhere around the world. Although many companies opt for an on-premise LMS, It might not be the best option because it occupies more space and is hard to manage. SaaS LMS can be really helpful in this case because it hosts the data from the internet and can be accessed around the globe. There are many other benefits that SaaS LMS can offer. Let’s dig into a few of them.

1) Easy accessibility:

Everything is online these days, so SaaS LMS becomes a great option. Because the LMS is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere. This means that your employees can attend training programs even if they are not present at the workplace. Some SaaS LMS provides the option of offline learning as well, it becomes easy for learners even if they don’t have access to an internet connection for various reasons.

This feature can really help in these current times because many employees are working remotely and it will be easy for them to participate. They can also finish their courses in the comfort of their home.

2) vQuick deployment:

One of the major benefits of SaaS LMS is quick deployment. There is no need to install the software in your Organization’s hardware system. In fact, your LMS vendor looks after everything from start to end, ensuring that the installation process is smooth and easy.

The vendors also look after regular upgrading of the platforms to handle the latest advancements. This helps you to design, implement and execute the best online training for your staff without the help of your in-house Tech experts.

3) Easy to scale:

Another major benefit of using SaaS LMS is the degree of scalability. An on-premise LMS may seem to be the perfect option while training a smaller number of people, the problem starts when you want to upscale the business. But, with SaaS LMS, you can easily upgrade your services, opt for add-ons, and add more users at any moment.

4) Store all data at a centralized location:

The data is stored safely in one centralized location making it easy for you to find whatever information you need.  Every piece of content will be hosted on the cloud. This will lead to freeing up space on your devices. Regardless of the size of the data, you can share everything. So, your data is stored in one location securely which reduces the risk of losing the data due to corrupted hard disks or any other issues.

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5) Supports mobile learning:

A SaaS LMS assists mobile learning making it more accessible to the learners. Mobile learning creates more engagement and enhances the learning experience of the learners. With the help of mobile learning, employees can learn in their free time without compromising on their tasks and schedules.

6) Less maintenance cost:

One of the key things to consider while selecting an LMS is the maintenance cost. Most companies tend to neglect it. The SaaS LMS keeps sending updates regularly, so you don’t need to spend much on upgrading all the time. Also, you don’t need a technical or IT employees to maintain or cure any bug because there will be no major issues.


Although there are so many benefits of SaaS LMS as mentioned above, you need to choose according to your needs. Choose an LMS that satisfies all your requirements and has good reviews. 360 Learning is one such company that has great reviews. You can check 360 Learning reviews to see how they solve the problems their users are facing and make an informed decision.

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