7 Secrets Your Plumber Won’t Tell You


Like everyone, plumbers also work for the sake of their profit. A for-profit business, plumbers are concerned with one thing – their bottom line. Due to this reason, they will not give tips that will prohibit you from calling a plumber. They would not tell you the things that will help you to avoid plumbing problems. Here are some of the secrets that you should know and a plumber will never share these things with you.

  1. There Are Some Things You Can Fix on Your Own

Often, plumbers charge fees just to come to your home, in addition to the charges of parts and labor. But you can save your money, by taking care of your things and repairing some of these things on your own. For example, maintaining a leaky toilet is as simple as doing daily cleaning of your home or cleaning your household things. The only thing you have to do is to remove the tank lid and check to see, sometimes it is the only chain that prevents the flapper from closing properly. Being unaware of this you often call a plumber in Hagerstown MD and pay him for nothing. As you can do it on your own, this is something which neither charges your money nor enough time.

And if there are jiggle toilet handles in your home, then most of the time you only have to flap the valve. Flapping the valve may only cost a little time and maybe 4 dollars. If you are uncertain about how to do it then you can go to youtube and watch out some tutorials. As it is surely a better option than calling a plumber and paying more than it’s worth.

  1. You Need to Protect Your Pipes

It is a great saying that “prevention is always better than cure”. You should take care of things at your home by yourself. The best way to prevent leaks in your pipes is to protect them, especially in the cold seasons.

Among many, one of the best ways to protect your pipes is to cover them with a kind of insulation, for example, foam tubes. They will help you to keep your pipes nice and warm and prevent them from freezing in the winter season.

Besides this, there are other ways to protect your pipes too. For example, to prevent your pipes from freezing on extremely cold nights, you can turn on your outdoor faucets.

You can also try this trick before going on a vacation. Along with it, you can cut the connection of the pipes that are connected to the outdoor faucets. Because if any water remains in the pipes then it will not just damage the pipe but faucets too. Before doing this, never forget to turn off the main valve that controls the outdoor faucets

  1. They Check Some Things for Free

As already mentioned, some plumbers ask for a fee for just coming to your place, which is extra than the job they do. But, do any plumber tell you that there are few things that they check for free? Some plumbers check out some things without charging any cost for it. For example, when a plumber completes his work for which you charge him, then you can ask him to check the pipes under your sink. Besides it, plumbers do check the water pressure for free too.

  1. They Can Move Things

If you are dealing with a plumber while renovating your home. And you ask him to move your toilet or sink to a new place and he says that he can’t. That means there are chances that he is not being honest with you.  In these cases, you should ask them the reason for saying no to you. And ask them to explain it in detail.

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  1. Certain Foods Don’t Belong in the Garbage Disposal

Some foods cause major clogs for which you need to call a plumber to dissolve them. This can also happen by cooking grease, as Greece is so sticky and it is difficult to break it. You should avoid these things by putting them into the garbage.

  • artichokes
  • -avocado pits
  • -bones (with or without meat)
  • -carrots
  • -coffee grounds
  • -eggshells
  • -grease
  • -onion skins
  • -pasta
  • -potato peels
  • -asparagus
  • -celery
  • -corn husks
  • -lettuce
  • -peach pits
  1. Caring for Your Water Heater is Important

A water heater can be a reason to call a plumber. You should take care of it to avoid calling a plumber. Drain it every one year to remove sediment. Don’t set any higher temperature than 120 as it damages it. Change it, if it is eight to twelve years old.

  1. Beware of Harsh Cleaners

Using too harsh cleaners can damage your pipes, you should use soft cleaners. Or you can use soda or vinegar with boiled water for flushing your drains.


Nowadays like everyone else plumbers do think of their profit, they will not tell you everything. However, you should go forward to know these things.

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