7 Ways You Can Save Up When Buying a Laptop


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people, unfortunately, have lost their jobs, and as a consequence of this, their incomes. The United Kingdom is currently in the midst of its worst recession in recorded history, with exponential job losses growing every single day. Many people have had to sell their belongings just to survive, including their computers, televisions, and mobile phones.

As our world relies heavily on technology and electronic equipment, however, people cannot last very long without access to a computer, especially considering many workplaces are now hiring people to work from home.

If you have to start working at home, or simply just want a laptop, this page will tell you seven ways you can save money when buying one. Laptops can, unfortunately, cost a lot of money, but that is because of how advanced they have become and how greatly they can benefit your life. There are many different ways you can buy a laptop, whether refurbished or second-hand, and this page will hope to tell you all of them, as well as offering tips on saving up money and reducing your outgoing costs.

Now, more than ever, we have to watch our budgets carefully. Global financial ruin is just on the horizon, and we must think about our own survival. Unnecessary spending must stop, and we must watch every single outgoing penny and pound.

Here are seven ways you can save up when buying a laptop.

Buy Refurbished

A laptop that has been refurbished is a great way to save money when you are buying a laptop, and a great way to get a laptop that is virtually brand new. Opting to buy refurbished laptops instead of new laptops is a great way to save yourself a huge amount of money. Often, these laptops are indistinguishable from a laptop that has come straight from the factory and will be completely free from defects and damages.

The best way to buy these laptops is to buy from the manufacturer themselves. Very often, the manufacturer will resell laptops that have been returned and refurbished. They will always be covered by warranty and you will be entitled to your money back should any problems arise with the laptop in the future. You can make massive savings when buying refurbished, so definitely consider it when you are making your next purchase.


Second-hand laptops are different from those that are refurbished. They are likely used and sold like that. You can still make a huge amount of savings from buying a second-hand laptop and quite regularly, you can get a good deal on a laptop that works perfectly fine. You should, of course, be dubious about where you buy these from, and you must test them first so you can be sure they have not been stolen and that they work as described.

Many con artists sell second-hand laptops that do not work, but masquerade them as working, only for the customer to find out when it is too late that they are broken. You should take the details of the person from whom you are buying anything second-hand and verify them so you can be sure that they are not trying to defraud you and so you can track them down if the laptop breaks.


You may be entitled to certain discounts that can save you a lot of money and allow you to buy the laptop brand new from the manufacturer. One such discount, for example, is a student discount. If you are a student, you can get a massive twenty percent off of brand new laptops directly from the manufacturer.

If you know anyone who is a student, then you can ask them to use their student discount for you, which will then allow you to make a huge amount of savings and still get a brand-new laptop. If you have also been affected by a loss of income as a result of the global pandemic, you may be entitled to other government schemes and discounts that can allow you to buy a brand-new laptop for the purposes of work.


Now, for the first saving tip, you will find on this page: energy. Saving money on your energy is a great way to save up to buy a new laptop. Whether you want to buy refurbished, second-hand, or brand new, cut down on your energy. Energy bills can slowly add up and leave you out of pocket. Your energy bills can quite easily be regulated by following these tips! Firstly, do not leave lights on when you are not in the room (obvious, huh?), secondly, do not use unnecessary amounts of hot water, and thirdly, do not have the heating on when a blanket will suffice.


Do not make unnecessary journeys and trips. The petrol money or money spent on public transport can add up very quickly and leave you massively out of pocket. Do not make journeys that are unneeded, more so when we consider the killer virus that is lurking outside. Don’t travel for both health and wealth.

Selling Second-Hand

A great way to save up and make money when you are trying to buy a new laptop is to sell your belongings. Of course, only sell what you can afford to sell and do not sell things that you love or need. Sell what you can bear to part with and only what is necessary. Now is the best time to, as many people are lurking second-hand marketplaces for deals.

Extra Hours

Working extra hours is a great way to save up and a great way to make money. With the shortage of staff, you can make a lot of money working overtime at the moment. Overtime should be able to pay for your laptop within weeks; if you cannot work overtime (and are unemployed), then consider working freelance online.

Now you know seven ways that you can save money in order to buy a new laptop. Consider whether not or now is the best time to be buying a new laptop, however, as recessions are often not.

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