The importance of behavior analytics in your organization’s cybersecurity


When it comes to safeguarding organizations or companies’ resources including crucial digital assets like corporate customer data, official communication, etc., the role of threat detection becomes extremely important. 

But, the story does not end here. As we live in the COVID-19 era, companies or organizations keep facing numerous privacy challenges in the form of hacking, malware, ransomware, phishing, social engineering, etc. every now and then. 

In this situation, companies or businesses must look for other options that can secure them against all the above-mentioned threats appropriately. Therefore, they should add the concept of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) in their armories and implement it practically throughout their workplaces. 

By doing so, organizations or companies can beef up their cybersecurity to new heights. 

Continue reading this post to know about the importance of behavior analytics in enhancing an organization’s cybersecurity. 

What are UEBA solutions?

UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) is an advanced method by which companies or organizations can identify and manage advanced security threats effectively without compromising their digital anonymity.

In addition, UEBA (User Entity and Behavior Analytics) solutions rely quite heavily on analytics that help them create profiles and behaviors of different users and entities timely.

When organizations or companies want to apply the concept of UEBA solutions practically within their workplaces, they must keep these following points in mind:

  • Do not overlook internal and external threats both while creating new rules or policies cybersecurity-wise
  • A handful of relevant team members should be allowed to receive UEBA alerts  

Besides, different use cases highlight the importance of UEBA solutions when detecting a cyber-attack successfully. Here is the list that includes such UEBA use cases:

Differentiate between normal and malicious behaviors with UEBA

The best thing about UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) is that it allows you to detect insider threats straightaway. As far as insider threats are concerned, they are not easily detectable as it becomes difficult at times to differentiate between a genuine user and a potential threat. 

Therefore, companies or businesses need to minimize insider threats in the first place. For that reason, they can deploy different cybersecurity tools like premium VPNs. 

For example, they can try NordVPN free trial to decrease insider threat risks without stretching their budgets. In this way you will be able to determine whether the above-mentioned cybersecurity tool is good enough for your needs or not, without risking a single penny.

Identify compromised assets quickly and effectively

Another advantage of using UEBA solutions is that it helps you identify your compromised official resources such as systems, devices, hosts, etc. timely. In short, behavior analytics have become one of the most useful ways that allow organizations or companies to keep an eye on their potential harmful devices, systems, networks and other resources proactively. 

Apart from this, UEBA solutions monitor different entities within an organization to improve cybersecurity including:

  • Unusual activities such as sudden increase in traffic on network devices like Windows, firewalls, etc., in real-time. 
  • Privileged users accounts to see if their activities are normal or anomalous

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Identify data exfiltration activities

Data exfiltration is a dangerous activity from a cybersecurity point of view in which sensitive data is sent outside the organization or company without any authorization.

If companies or organizations want to secure themselves from data exfiltration incidents, they should try UEBA solutions. When they deploy behavior analytics to tackle data exfiltration issue, they can keep an eye on different suspicious activities including:

  • Unusual downloads on particular devices
  • Unwanted software installation on official systems or devices

Benefits of using machine learning with UEBA solutions

Fortunately, organizations can benefit from using both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and behavior analytics in tandem. As already explained, UEBA solutions are the new ways of improving the cybersecurity of any organization or company. 

But AI is already playing its crucial role in securing organizations from various cyber threats like hacking, data theft, etc. already. When organizations build UEBA solutions on a machine learning platform, which is a subset of AI, they can detect and prevent different suspicious users and entities’ behaviors proactively.

Wrapping Things Up

The significance of User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) in this age of modernization is increasing day by day. In reality, you cannot rely solely on threat detection rules because hackers and other cyber goons are much more intelligent than you think. 

Apart from this, behavior analytics is helpful when it comes to identifying and rectifying abnormal and advanced security threats accordingly. That said, organizations need to follow some crucial cybersecurity do’s and don’ts that help improve their cybersecurity next-level.

This cybersecurity do’s include removing the weakest link in your system, updating all your official devices, etc. Similarly, there are some specific cybersecurity don’ts that can safeguard your critical digital assets from the prying eyes of hackers, scammers, identity thieves, etc. like do not make cybersecurity a secret or a myth, do not assume cybersecurity is a concern of only one department i.e. IT department. 

In short, improving the cybersecurity of any organization or company needs a sincere combined effort. This is because employees as well as employers both are responsible for enhancing cybersecurity considerably.

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