What is Antivirus and its types?


What are Antivirus and their several types? Antivirus is the first of its kind and has been designed to protect your computer. For this to work, you need to get and install an Antivirus program on your computer. Many times, viruses, spyware, Trojans, malware, and corrupt registry files could damage your computer so that it becomes unable to run or execute the correct programs/installations.

Protecting your computer

You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your computer from these dangerous files. Many people prefer not to take the time to learn more about Virus Protection as they feel that they do not need to know more than the basics. However, knowing more about Viruses can be a great help in securing your computer and getting proper virus protection.


It is at your disposal to open emails and chat with friends and loved ones when you have a computer. This is why it is also essential to learn more about Internet Security. Internet security is the best way to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, and other harmful files that can harm your computer. You can install Antivirus and anti-spyware software to protect your computer from Viruses and spyware. However, while these are helpful, there is also other stuff you should know.For example, there is the Trojan Virus that can be transferred from one computer to another. It is also easy to deploy. Once the attacker has infected your PC, they change your desktop wallpaper, email settings, installed software, and browser homepage. They would also alter your login details only to see false information and pop up on the screen. They can spread extremely quickly through the network. Therefore, if you do not protect your PC from these infectious files, you might as well lose some crucial data.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus Software is available for download. When you use the software, it scans the PC. It detects and deletes viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, and other Malware. Then, it removes all resulting fragments of the infection. The good thing is that this kind of protection comes along with additional features. For example, some of the good products offer online updates and free downloads.

Parental control and online protection

Some of the antivirus software offers parental control and online protection. This is very useful when you have children staying over. The online protection feature can help prevent viruses from spreading. This will ensure that your children stay safe when surfing the internet and using email accounts. However, this does not offer complete virus protection.

Real-time protection

Other features come with the software. There is the real-time protection. That means, if your computer gets infected with a virus, then it will be removed right away. This is very useful when you are in the office and need to work on a computer. You do not want to be interrupted while you are working. Natural time protection also helps protect your privacy on social networks.


Antivirus and its variations continue to evolve. New viruses keep coming out, and old ones keep getting old. The software used may be the same, but the features they offer may be different. If you want to keep your computer safe and protected, you should consider Antivirus and its variations.

Protection feature

Antivirus is more of a general protection feature rather than a specific tool for removing viruses. It prevents hackers from gaining access to your computer and infecting it. It also blocks spyware and adware so that you can browse the internet without fear of getting pop-up ads. In some cases, Antivirus can also help you protect your privacy while online. It blocks websites that may be harmful to your computer.

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Free antivirus products

You will find several free antivirus products in the market. You can also buy this version of the software, but this version may not be as effective. It may only protect you against viruses and malware that legitimate companies have released. It cannot protect you from worms or Trojans that hackers have created.


A good product that can keep your computer protected and updated simultaneously is an expensive one. You will find that the commercial versions of Antivirus provided through computer stores cost hundreds of dollars. A cheaper option is to buy the software and update the program on your own. You can purchase or download various types of security programs to protect your computer at home. You can install these security programs yourself, or you can consult a technician to install them for you. What are Antivirus and its importance to your computer can be learned from this article?

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