Best Home Gadgets You Didn’t Know Exist


It is well-said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic! In this era of smart people and smart gadgets, your home needs to be transformed into a smart home with some cool and technologically advanced products. Ditch the basics and upgrade technologically!

We are here to enlighten you on some interestingly amazing home gadgets that you didn’t know exist. You’re welcome!

1.   Portable towel sterilizer

Covid times or No Covid times, we all need to use sterilized towels for our health and hygiene. Normal dryers do not sterilize the towels. The portable towel sterilizer is a handy and compact gadget that not only makes your towel warm for use but also sterilizes it. The combination of heat and UV light makes this device a perfect gadget for home or business use.

You can easily store it and carry it while traveling. It makes sure your skin always touches warm towels, makes you feel snug, and no pathogens come in contact with your body. Apart from homes, these are also used by the salon for spa services. It’s a healthy habit to sterilize your towel, and so this one is an absolute must-have!

2.   Portable Power Station

This is another boon in the era of battery-operated devices. Unlike the traditional generator, a portable power station is a rechargeable battery operated generator. You can carry along and use it for charging your devices like phones, laptops, mini coolers, etc. It has an AC, DC outlet, and USB charging ports.

The delivery of power, quality of power, and ease of use are more than satisfactory. Moreover, it does not create any noise and air pollution. This way, it is an environment-friendly product. Solar panels can also charge it.

3.   Massage gun

Massage guns are used to give you vibration therapy benefits like professional spa services at the comfort of your home. Massage gun is a wireless percussion massage device that works by using directed vibration that improves the blood flow and rejuvenates your muscles, relaxing you instantly. You will sleep like a baby after you use it.

In fact, these are used by professional athletes as well since these reduce any kind of swelling or sore muscles. The massage guns have an ergonomic design. They are light-weight and handy so that you can take them anywhere in a hassle-free manner. Who doesn’t crave massages?

4.   Homebrewing kit

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could brew your beer at home? Well, now it’s possible with a home brewing kit. It contains a keg and other ingredients with which you can get homebrewed beer within a week or so. 

It comes with an instruction manual to guide you through the process. For example, with the home brewing kit, you can make your own traditional dark dry Irish Stout, Pumpkin Ale, or Black IPA. The delight that you get after brewing your beer is unparalleled.  Also, this can be a perfect gift for beer lovers!

5.   SMART lock

A SMART lock is a wireless and keyless way to lock and open your door with a passcode, fingerprint, or voice command. It is paired with your phone’s Bluetooth and also connected to the Wi-Fi of your home. You only need to keep your apps and passwords updated to operate it from anywhere. It ensures greater security and control.

Several setting options are available. You can set limitations for access and receive alerts on your phones with SMART locks. Again this tech device is absolutely necessary in today’s times!

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6.   Auto-watering plant pot

For your smart home, you need to have a smart garden! The auto-watering plant pots will help you make one. These plant pots contain a water reservoir, potting soil, and a growing bed. The plant gets the water through the wicking process. 

You don’t have to worry about the moisture level of nutrients. It ensures the plant’s health effectively. There is no such problem as over-watering the plant. Moreover, these can be used for vegetable gardening.

We can already imagine you flabbergasted and in awe. All these gadgets are not too expensive and can easily fit in your budget. So get them today and let these smart gadgets make your life easier while you watch Netflix and chill! Be a smart shopper.

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