Top 10 Best Memory Foam Pillows In India 2020


In this technology-driven world, we all suffer from various diseases. We are just busy creating wealth to live a lavish life. But, when it comes to health, we are dealing with severe issues. Yes, busy schedules, working for long hours, and unhealthy eating habits is not good for your health.

The most common issue which is everyone facing is the joints and neck pain. Such kinds of pain are worst than fever because you have to face them every night. There are various health supplements available in the market to get rid of this problem. But our busy schedules don’t allow us to live a healthy lifestyle.

According to the latest health surveys, more than 75% of individuals, including youngsters, are daily suffering from different body pains. This percentage is significantly increasing, and individuals are facing sleepless nights. Till now, if you are reading this article, then you’ll also be suffering from some kind of body pain. Therefore, to get rid of all types of pain, we are here to help you out.

In this article, we’ll discuss about the memory foam pillows, which are specially designed for neck and body pain. If you are suffering from severe neck or body pain due to unstable sleeping posture, then you actually have to change your pillows.

Pillows play a significant role; therefore, you should choose the perfect ones according to your requirements. Expensive feather-filled pillows are also not worth, because they only provide average comfort and softness. Therefore, an orthopedic memory pillow will help you to completely get rid of the shoulder, neck, and body pain.

You’ll be able to see results within two days. Remember, after a certain period, this kind of pain can become stubborn. Therefore, you should buy these memory foam pillows at the earliest. This article will be purely based on different types of memory pillows and their benefits. We’ll mention the best memory pillows which are available on both online and offline stores. Apart from that, our well-researched buying guide will also help you to purchase the best memory pillow according to your requirements.

Best Memory Foam Pillows In India

Here is the list of the top 10 memory pillows of India:

Best Memory Foam Pillows In India 2020

Yuyutsu Memory Foam Cervical Contour Medical Pillow

Yuyustu is currently manufacturing high-quality electric shavers, memory pillows, etc. This memory pillow from Yuyustu is quite durable and ideal for everyone who is facing neck and back pain. This pillow is made up of premium high-density memory foam. Even the side and front sleepers will also be benefited with this pillow. This pillow is completely hypoallergenic, which keeps you away from all the allergies and mites.

The White Willow Cervical Orthopedic Memory Foam

White Willow features manufacture various products such as pillows, decorative items, etc. If you are facing headache back and neck pain, then the memory pillow from White Willow is perfect for you. This memory pillow is ideal for front and side sleepers. Apart from that, the size of this pillow gives perfect support to your neck. This product is easily available on Amazon.

TYZAG Memory Foam Pillow

TYZAG provides high-quality memory pillows, laptop backpacks, diapers, etc. This memory pillow is perfect for the individuals who sit on the computers and suffer from back pain. You can blindly trust on this high-quality memory foam due to its durability and comfort level. This product is also easily available on Amazon at a cost-effective price.

Qualimate Memory Foam Pillow

Qualimate is a famous business tycoon that manufactures high-quality pillows and cushions at a very affordable price. This memory follow is ideal for individuals suffering from shoulders, neck, and back pain. This memory pillow is lightweight, and you can even use this while traveling. Remember, you should not clean this pillow inside a washing machine.

Proliva Memory Foam Pillow

Proliva is another famous company that manufactures health supplements, memory pillows, etc. If you are suffering from snoring or breathing issues, then this memory pillow is perfect for you. This pillow reduces snoring and provides extra support to your neck and shoulders. The material of this pillow is soft and breathable, which provides you ultimate relaxation.

JSB Memory Foam Pillow

JSB is one of the best companies which provides high-quality health products and manufactures treadmills, etc. JSB memory pillows are ideal for front and side sleepers. This pillow comes with a washable cover. The material of this pillow is soft, which provides ultimate relaxation. If you are interested in buying this pillow, then you can purchase it from Amazon.

HSR Memory Foam Pillow

If you want to experience comfortable nights, then try this HSR Memory Foam pillow. This pillow is hypoallergenic, which helps you to get rid of the allergies and mites. It is highly recommended that you should not wash this pillow in a washing machine. This product is also easily available on Amazon.

Komfifit Memory Foam Pillow

Komififit provides high-quality products such as memory pillows, conditioners, etc. This memory pillow is perfect for the back and side sleepers. Even a stomach sleeper can also enjoy the benefit of this pillow. This memory comes with a washable cover that protects the inner material of this pillow.

The Hue Cottage Memory Pillow

Hue Cottage is known for its durable and soft pillows. This pillow is perfect for individuals who are severely suffering from neck and shoulder pain. This pillow features a contoured design that is perfect for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers can also use this memory pillow. This product is easily available on Amazon.

Zofey Memory Foam Pillow

In this 21st century, Zofey is one of the best brands which is providing the finest memory foam pillows. This memory pillow by Zofey is quite durable and versatile. As this pillow is hypoallergenic, you’ll be away from the allergies and mites. This memory foam pillow is exclusively available on Amazon at a cost-effective price.

Buyers’ Guide For Memory Foam Pillows

  • Individuals prefer using a memory foam pillow to get rid of different types of body pain. Therefore, before purchasing any memory foam pillow, you should consider various factors.
  • Every individual has a different sleeping pattern. Thus individuals who are side and back sleepers should purchase a higher level of pillow. Front sleepers should mostly prefer the lower level of memory foam pillow.
  • Size plays a very significant role when it comes to purchasing memory foam pillows. If you are a sleeper, who consistently change the sleeping positions; then, you’ll need a queen size pillow. Usually, the memory foam pillows are wider, but as we said above, it depends on your sleeping patterns.
  • Your memory foam pillow should be more firm to provide ultimate relaxation. If your previous pillow is too hard, then your next memory foam pillow should be more firm. Therefore, your memory pillow should be made up of soft and breathable material.
  • Your memory foam pillow should consist of washable covers. A washable cover protects the inner material of the pillow. Therefore it is always recommended to purchase a memory foam pillow with a washable cover. You can even clean the cover with the help of a wet cloth. Remember, never wash the washable covers of the memory foam pillow in a washing machine.
  • It is very important that your memory foam pillow should be hypoallergenic. To get rid of all the allergies, dust, and mites, you should always prefer hypoallergenic memory foam pillows.
  • When it comes to budget, you have to compare the prices of offline and online stores. These memory pillows are quite expensive than your normal sleeping pillows. When it comes to price, memory foam pillows start from INR 1000. You can easily get memory foam pillows at less than INR 1000.
  • You should always purchase memory foam pillows, which comes with a one year warranty. It is highly recommended that you should purchase memory foam pillows from online stores.

Benefits Of Purchasing These Memory Foam Pillows

  • There are different types of memory foam pillows available in the market. Purchasing the perfect memory foam pillows according to your sleeping pattern is quite challenging.
  • Memory foam pillows mentioned in our list are ideal for every individual. Whether you are a front sleeper or side sleeper, you can easily go through our list and find the perfect memory foam pillow according to your sleeping pattern.
  • In simpler words, you can easily rely on our list without thinking much. Our buyers’ guide is well-researched and make sure you read every point attentively. When it comes to price, all the memory foams in our list are available at a cost-effective price. You don’t have to spend much on buying these memory foam pillows.
  • We know that you are suffering from severe body and neck pain. Therefore, after researching for hours, we have listed the best memory foam pillows on our list. You actually don’t have to think much while purchasing your desired pillow.

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