8 Best Practices While Creating Facebook Video Ads In 2020


Almost every person who has internet access has heard about the tech giant, Facebook. Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has gained massive popularity and a humongous user base.

According to a recent survey, around 1.66 billion users have logged-in daily into their Facebook accounts. Every 7th person in the world uses Facebook every day. Moreover, even after 16 years, the number of active users on this platform is increasing by 9% every year.

Why Should You Opt For Video Ads?

Besides communication, people are using it to promote their businesses through ad campaigns because of billions of active users and global connectivity. You can witness it on your Facebook feed in the form of banners and video advertisements. In the past couple of years, there has been a surge in the use of Facebook video ads by digital marketing firms.

In 2018, Facebook got around a quarter of the total expenditure of video advertisements in the US. Not only this, video ads on Facebook are also pocket friendly as compared to carousel and picture ads. That is why you should definitely consider promoting your brand on Facebook through videos.

Some Tips for Promoting a Video Through Facebook Ads

To harness video ads for the best response from the audience, you can follow some measures. Furthermore, you can use an easy video maker to draft custom videos for the best results. Let us take a look at the best practices while creating video ads on Facebook in 2020.

1. Use More Visual Aids

Statistics suggest that the majority of Facebook users watch videos with volume turned off. So instead of focusing on audio-video synchronization, you should try to use more text and infographics. This can be done with the help of a video editing tool in a matter of minutes.

You can embed graphs, charts, and numbers over video frames. Another practice often suggested by professionals is to include subtitles wherever necessary. This would compensate for muted volume, and you’d be able to convey your message to your complete target audience.

2. KISS Principle

Just like other marketing techniques, you should follow the KISS principle when it comes to video ads. KISS is the abbreviation of “Keep It Simple, Silly.” No matter how complex your idea is, try to explain it in the easiest way possible.

Many make the mistake of including heavy jargons and complex statistics in their videos. Although it is relevant and informative, it distracts the average Facebook user from the main purpose of the video. Instead of thinking about your brand, the audience might get confused and scroll down their feeds.

That is why you should keep the language very simple. Marketing gurus assert that the advertisement should be so simple that even a child can understand what you’re trying to sell. It is a very important practice that one should follow while making a video ad.

3. Choose an Engaging Title

Even if your video has the best cinematography, color composition, and symmetrical shots, you have to compel the audience to click on that play button. How can you do it? The answer to this question is by choosing an attractive title and description.

You don’t need to use clickbait titles, but you can use some simple tricks. Titles that contain phrases like ‘things to know,’ ‘to know about,’ ‘5 ways to’ have higher views as compared to other titles. Additionally, you should also try to add a description to your video.

Just don’t forget the KISS principle, and you’re good to go!

4. Focus on Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio or screen space in simpler terms is another factor that affects the quality of a video ad. Experts suggest that you must use 1:1 or 9:16 ratio while editing the video to fetch more views.

This is pretty obvious because most people operate their mobiles vertically. That is why if the aspect ratio is vertical (or perfect square), then the video will be optimized for the vertical screen  (and desktop), and the user will be able to watch the ad without strain.

A user doesn’t log on to Facebook just to watch advertisements. Therefore, you should try to edit the video in such a way that the users have no discomfort in watching it.

5. Don’t Forget Mobile Phones

We’re living in an era of smartphones. Gone are the days when people used to sit in front of computers to chat with their friends. A significant chunk of Facebook users operate it from their smartphones.

This means that your video ad should be edited in such a way that the text and infographics are clearly visible on a small screen. 65% of total video views on Facebook are from mobile phones. Moreover, videos watched from smartphones also tend to show higher engagement rates as compared to Desktop views.

So, you must try to optimize the advertisement for mobile phone users too.

6. Adhere to the Time

You’re not making a movie to be played in cinema halls. Instead, you subtly want the users to watch your video without their initial will. That’s why you must keep your video ad short and crisp.

Even though you can deploy an ad up to 31 seconds, statistics show that video ads with a completion time of 6 seconds are far more successful. An average person spends 20 minutes each day on Facebook. Obviously, he won’t watch a lengthy advertisement if the app usage time itself is this less.

To have higher completion rates, your video ad should convey the message under 6-7 seconds.

7. Brand Introduction

Since we’re talking about video time, it is important to introduce your brand at the right moment to sustain an instant recall. Whether your video ad is a 6-second snippet or a 30-second shot, if you introduce the brand within the first 3 seconds, then you can expect 23% better recall.

The main purpose of running an ad campaign is to establish your brand identity. Therefore, it is advised to introduce your brand right away when it comes to a video ad on Facebook.

8. Make the Best Use of  CTA

The Call to Action (CTA) button is a boon for marketers. While exploring the Ads Manager, enabling the CTA button increases the conversion rate of your video ad. However, you should place CTAs strategically.

The first 3 seconds are reserved for brand introduction. Therefore, you should embed them in the middle of the video. This way, the users become aware of the video’s purpose, and they have a reason to click the button.

Instead of putting them at the end or beginning, placing CTAs in the middle yields a whopping 16.95% more conversion rate!


These are the best practices that you should follow to make the best use of video ads on Facebook. Almost every online business is using ad campaigns on this platform. Therefore, to stand ahead of your competition, you should consider these aforementioned practices.

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