Precautions to Take When Buying Wholesale iPhones


Buying wholesale iPhones has a lot of perks. Apple is upgrading their premium gadget almost every year, and users often discard their old sets for new ones, although they remain in good condition. It is all about obtaining a new iPhone rather than using one which is still running. These discarded iPhones have minimal faults, and buying them wholesale is a great business idea if you want to sell them later. However, it would help if you took certain precautions while buying wholesale iPhone as well.

Check the Screen

Although iPhones have a very high resale value than any other smartphone, a dent on the screen will not find any takers. When you are buying them in bulk, it is best to go through each handset to ensure that they have their screens intact. If not, you should repair them and then try to sell them. iPhone screens are exceptionally delicate, and a cracked screen is a major put off, no matter how good a condition the rest of the phone is in.

Check the Safety Features

The current generation does almost all its work over the iPhone. From banking to dating, the iPhone carries all the sensitive information about the user. The phones you buy should have working safety features like a face lock, an activation lock, and a fingerprint lock. It is one of the first things the user notices on the iPhone, and they won’t buy it if the feature does not work well.

If the activation lock is active and the seller cannot provide the ID and password, then the iPhone might be a stolen one, and you do not want to deal with those. Or else, completely reset the settings to make a fresh slate for the new user.

Camera Features

The iPhone camera gives many premium DSLRs a run for their money. It’s premium pixel quality and night photography features sets it apart from other smartphones. While it might not be possible to click the picture with the wholesale iPhone you are buying, you might still want to check the camera for a broken lens.

It could happen that when the previous user dropped the phone, they ended up damaging the lens. You should check both the front and back cameras because the buyer will inevitably take a selfie when they pick up a phone and test the picture quality!

Ensure Correct Pricing

While you get hefty discounts while buying wholesale iPhones, you should still check the pricing. If the iPhones are as good as new, then you are sure to make a good deal. However, no matter how much discount you might avail, it is better to pass if there are considerable degrees of damage. With so many refurbished iPhones out there, it is unlikely that a buyer will buy a damaged phone. You do not want to end up with unsold, semi-damaged, second-hand iPhones in your inventory.

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Check the IMEI of the iPhones.

Although it could take some time, you should always cross-check the IMEI number of the iPhone. Every number is unique, and you could use it to find out if that particular phone has been tagged lost or stolen. The phone might even be on the black market list, and you do not want to deal with that.

Always type in *#06# on the iPhone keypad to ensure that the seller has provided you with the right number. Considering many smartphones are now used by criminals and terrorist organizations, you will have complete peace of mind when you make sure the handset is not blacklisted.

Check the iPhone’s Features.

Again, this might seem like a cumbersome task while buying phones wholesale, but you will make sure that every phone in your inventory is worth resale. You could manually check the features of the iPhone. You could also enlist the help of a technician who will quickly run through all the features and tell you whether the phone is working correctly or not. By doing this step, you will command a reasonable price for the phone when you resell it.

Thanks to Apple’s Direct Liquidation’s expert refurbishment policy, and with the 90-day warranty, you can get the iPhone replaced and fixed, provided you have the original sale vouchers. Some users replace their iPhones within months, and these phones have a great resale value. By buying the wholesale iPhones and taking a few extra precautions, you will get a good deal on the prices and will be able to make a good profit for yourself.

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