How to Calm Yourself during Physical and Mental Stress


The method that Bruce Lee came up with is second to none. First, these activities only take three minutes a day. Second, you can do the exercises anywhere (in your bedroom, hotel room, or living room), anytime, and under virtually any conditions. Renowned Bruce Lee heritage scholar John Little explains in The Warrior Inner why the proposed movements are extremely useful despite their simplicity. Many people use Best massage guns to calm themselves and reduce their stress.

How to Remove Your Stress

If done correctly, you will be able to establish the functioning of the internal organs, balance the mind and vital internal chi energy. Smooth, slow, with fixation, compression and relaxation affect all muscle groups. You can move from simple to complex, gradually increasing the intensity of the impact. Regular exercise will help strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons, improve heart muscle function and improve blood circulation in the legs.

Performing movements, we focus on a specific part of the body and thereby get rid of extraneous thoughts. The ability to concentrate and mental relaxation improves. Abdominal breathing (deep inhalation through the nose and exhalation through the mouth with an immobile chest), and not the usual chest breathing, involves the entire volume of the lungs. But it is useful not only for physical health: with its help we cultivate an inner warrior, that is, we increase the flow of qi energy and gain great inner peace.

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Exercise has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system

To fulfill them, we need to concentrate, distract ourselves from disturbing thoughts, strive for calmness . The states of relaxation and tension are controlled by the brain, which in turn engages the central nervous system. The work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is getting better, muscles and bone tissues are strengthened, the condition of the skin improves, and lethargy disappears.

The main thing is that you don’t even have to get out of bed to complete them!

You can start with a lighter approach, or vice versa, if your fitness allows it. In this case, strive for maximum compression, tensing the muscles with all your might. If while you are somewhere halfway to perfection, strain your muscles to elasticity and hold in this state for the specified time.

A set of exercises

Bruce Lee recommended that his students do the following set of static exercises every morning before getting out of bed.

  1. Stretching the whole body.

Starting position: lying on your back. Stretch your legs as far as possible, and stretch your arms behind your head, trying to “lengthen” as much as possible. Lock the position for three seconds, then relax for two seconds. Repeat five times. The total execution time is 25 seconds.

  1. Extension of the back.

Starting position: lying on your back. Bend your knees so that your calves touch the back of your thighs. Slowly lift your pelvis, pushing slightly with your feet. Lock the position for three seconds, then relax for two seconds. Repeat five times. The total execution time is 25 seconds.

  1. Contraction of the leg muscles.

Slowly stretch your legs as far as possible, then tighten your thigh muscles. Hold the tension for three seconds, then relax for two seconds. Repeat twelve times. The total execution time is 60 seconds.

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