Cell Phone Plan Price Comparison: How to Find the Best Deals


Gone are the days when only wealthy businessmen owned cell phones. Now, everyone over the age of 12 seems to have one.

With over 5 billion cell phone users worldwide, it’s more unusual for someone not to have one.

As the year winds down, major companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung release their new products out into the world. So it’s only natural that your thoughts turn to acquire the next big thing in cell phone technology.

Here’s your guide to cell phone plan price comparison, so you end up with a great deal on your new phone.

How to Find the Best Deals

Network Coverage is Everything

Around this time of year, carriers are on the bandwagon to win new customers with a host of great offers too. How do you sift the wheat from the chaff?

No matter how great a deal you end up with, it’s not worth anything if you can never get service. So, prioritize network coverage above all else.

Visit each carrier’s website to check their coverage map before you commit to one. The coverage map will illustrate if there are any cell phone towers in your neighbourhood, and how many of them there are. The more the better.

Bear in mind that a huge provider like Verizon might have plenty of towers in your area, but they’ve also got thousands of subscribers vying for a signal.

Asking friends and neighbours about the best network coverage in your area’s often a better guide regarding the speed and efficiency of a network.

Cell Phone Plan Price Comparison Tips

Before you compare cell phone plans, figure out exactly what you need. Do you mainly use your phone for conversations, or is access to the internet your priority?

Don’t estimate. Ask your current plan provider for a detailed statement, or keep tabs on your usage for a week to get an accurate figure. Once you know these figures, you’re in a better position to make a good choice when it comes to comparing prices.

Remember, if you’re upgrading to a faster device, you’re likely to use more data than you did with your old slow handset.

Read the Fine Print

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re constantly bombarded with free offers and extras, but these discounts often come with caveats. For example, gratis roaming services may provide access to extremely slow wireless speeds only.

You can bet your bottom dollar that an unlimited plan is never truly uncapped. Every single service provider has an upper limit on these plans after which your service will slow down and extra charges may apply.

So, if you’re looking to use your unlimited phone plan to deliver non-stop internet to your home, you’re bound to become frustrated before too long.

There’s More to Learn

Armed with this new cell phone plan price comparison know-how, it’s easy to afford the phone you want the most.

You can never have too much information when it comes to technology. Keep reading for more of the good stuff about modern-day gadgets and related topics.

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