Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Issues


Are you living with a device verification mistake on your Windows PC or your laptop with a digital TV tuner? And if you noticed your PC slows down. Therefore, the use of the digital TV tuner system is very likely. If you run a security cleaner or open the Windows task manager, this problem can be easily detected.

So if you encounter a similar program error as well, read this article to learn more about running TV tuning applications. It will also cover steps to remove program registration error for the Digital TV Tuner system from your Computer.

What Is The Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

The digital TV Tuner system registration program or’ ehPrivJob.exe method is renowned for generating invalid registry entries. So if you keep the application on your Windows, it may negatively affect your PC’s overall performance.

It can usually happen when multipurpose use is made of your Computer. This software can also misbehave when your system runs programs that use sufficient resources and now you can get a usual experience to follow the given procedure and resolve the issue.

As for the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application, this is simply a scheduled activity running a process known as ehPrivJob.exe. The key use of the procedure is to search for any digital cable tuners connected to computers. “Eh” stands for eHome, which is part of the requirement for registration of Digital TV Tuner units.

As for the Registration Request for Digital TV Tuner System, this is simply a scheduled activity running a process known as ehPrivJob.exe. The key use of the procedure is to search for any digital cable tuners connected to computers. “Eh” stands for eHome, which is part of the requirement for registration of Digital TV Tuner units.

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How To Fix Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

You might have seen your system gets sluggish, and you can’t use it. So you try to search using the antivirus, and one would be Digital TV Tuner Program Registration Request, among the list of programs that affect your device.

Use the Resource Manager And End The Process

One of the best and most effective ways to get rid of the problem of the Digital TV Tuner System Registration Program is to end the program that triggers it. You can close the Task Manager’s Digital TV Tuner, which makes it the fastest solution. Make sure those steps are followed when doing so

  • For example, simultaneously click CTR + ALT + Del. The task manager shows up on the screen.
  • Click on the Run tab. The open resource control tab will be visible below the table, listing the output of the device’s various functions.
  • Then search within the overview for ehPrivJob.exe (the main tab). Hold the cycle off.
  • Click on the process in question to do this, and then click the’ End Process ‘ button.
  • Press OK and get the task manager to close.
  • Finally, reboot the system to allow it to take effect. Check whether the problem persists.

Disable Digital TV Tuner Application via Windows Feature

Press the Windows key to open the Control Panel. You can also press Start and sort Control Panel. Additionally, from the Run dialog box you can open the control panel too. To do so, simultaneously press the Windows key + R. Type appwiz.cpl instead, and press OK.

  • The Windows Control Panel appears on the scree press on settings
  • Click Windows Function Enable or Disable switch.
  • Scroll down and check for multimedia applications, and then press the+ sign to expand.
  • Now uncheck the windows media center.
  • Press OK to get the adjustments applied.
  • Then restart your machine.

Uninstall this Digital TV Tuner in Control Panel

If above solutions has worked out  the only way to go for the next prrocess. TV tuner must be uninstalled from the Mac. In this way, the issue of using the digital TV tuner device to register will disappear.

  • Click the Windows key first, then open the control panel. Additionally, the control panel can be accessed using the Run dialog box.
  • Then, navigate and open the programs and features option.
  • Click the On or Off button on the Switch Windows feature located over the screen’s top left side.
  • A new window is about to open. Scroll down and double click the folder to check for Media features.
  • Uncheck the media center option for Windows, and press ok to apply the changes.
  • Start the system again to make new settings more accurate. Test to see if the mistake persists.

Delete the DRM Folder

  • Open My Computer on your machine.
  • Select the option System, and then select the Data tab.
  • Now open the folder for Microsoft and select the Windows option.
  • Remove the current DRM folder there.
  • For the update to take effect, restart your computer system.

You can not use your PC as a TV without this program. This little hardware program cum helps collect cable signals from your PC and then display images. However, sometimes when you slow down your PC, the digital tuner system error is irritating.

The ultimate solution to problem-solving’ ehPrivJob.exe’ is to disable the Windows Digital TV Tuner. Tap on’ Control Panel’ to open the Start menu. Then pick’ Programs and Features’ and find’ Request for the Registration of Digital TV Tuner Devices’ from the list. Select the’ Uninstall / Change’ option after clicking on it, and follow the on-screen instructions to delete this Window Media Center process.

The Digital TV Tuner System Registration Program may be irritating and cause slowing down of the entire PC device. But there are quick ways in which you can remedy this without spending any money. But if push comes to shove and any of these solutions don’t work, then there are other software and repairers that can fix your system at affordable rates for you.

However, a major failure this program causes is the degradation of the operating system. To safeguard the operating system’s safety, dealing with the problem is important. Ideally, the solutions mentioned above are proving useful to the users.

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