3 Pro and Easy Ways to Increase Sales


When it comes to increase sales, you need to remember these main rules:

  • There is no way to increase your sales by 100%
  • There are 100 ways to increase your sales by 1%.

Let’s look at some simple ways to increase sales, without large investments and long-term implementation.

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Ask yourself a question, how many clients take a year to think, consult, and understand your services and products? Do they run away from your products or services after that? Now think if you can solve the problems of such abandoned clients, would not it will immediately affect the growth of sales.

The essence of this technique is to remove contact from the outgoing client and get permission from him to send notifications to the messenger or E-mail.

For example, a client categorically says: “Thank you, I will think about it, I will consult, it does not suit me,” and so on.

Offer to send him useful information on a question of interest to him. Tell the client:

If you want I will send you more information. So that you can think, consult, and so on.   Do you have WhatsApp, Viber or another messenger?

Thus, you will receive the client’s contacts, add to it in the messenger and send the information.  The main thing is that you will  be in front of his eyes and in direct communication.

You can send a PDF book, market analysis, product comparison, review, guide, checklist, instruction, etc. to the client.

Along with useful information, also send the customer a product and company presentation. Give there the reasons why you need to work with you and close the popular objections in it.

Thus, you will ensure the growth of sales at the final stage of interaction.

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You probably have typical objections Expensive, Think,  Consult , Not Interesting, etc., which you regularly listen to from your clients.  Write them down and match each one with high-quality conversion processing.

Following the links in the previous paragraph, you will find all the best answers to typical objections. Choose from there several options and test in your work.

And if you hear any objections very often, process them before they arise. This will increase the chances of a sale.

For instance, If clients often tell you “It’s expensive”, right in the process of the presentation say:

By the way, the question often arises why it costs so much. Now, it costs so much, because … (And give a meaningful argument here).


Three types of billiards were presented in one trading floor. At the entrance there were cheap ones, then average prices, at the very end there was the most expensive gilded billiard. If you wish to know about Hunter X Hunter, please read this.

Then they decided to rearrange these billiards. An expensive exclusive billiard was put in the beginning and it was his clients who saw it at the entrance, then the middle ones, and the end of the hall was the cheapest.  When measuring the indicators, it turned out that sales of average billiards prices increased.

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