5 Effective Ways to Clone a Phone


So, you are looking for the safest way to clone a phone and have got no luck?

Well, you are not alone in this. There are millions out there who are looking for a way to clone a phone (for good reasons) without creating any mess for themselves. Sometimes, they lose hope and start thinking that there is no such way. 

Cloning a phone is one of the trickiest things that you can ever do. It’s not any novice’s job. It can be done by an expert’s hand only. But, can we all become an expert? Sadly, we can’t.  

So, should you drop the idea of cloning a phone when it’s the need of the hour? Of course not as we are here to help you. Today, we will talk about not one but five ways that can clone a phone and keep you out of harm’s way. Excited? So, let’s get started. 

1 – Spyic – The Undisputed Leader of Phone Cloning 

We would like to begin the article with something extra-ordinary, stands second to none, and upkeeps its promise to keep you safe in every situation. 

Well, Spyic, the leading phone cloning app, is what fits well in all these parameters. 

Using the highest grade AI and phone cloning technology, this phone cloning app. Millions across the 190 countries have already shown unwavering constant trust in it. Each time they want to learn about how to clone a phone, Spyic is what they plump for obvious reasons. 


After knowing about how can I clone a phone through Spyic, you won’t have to worry about anything. So, know about it first –

Spyic doesn’t follow the sheep-herd 

Around 90% of search results that Google suggest you clone a phone talk about jailbreak/rooting. Though it may work, it can’t make us turn our back towards the dangers these activities involve.

Spyic is out of those handfuls of phone cloning solutions that work without jailbreak/rooting. These two things are something that you should single –out at first when you seek the safest method to clone a phone.

Instead of tampering with the targeted device’s OS, which is the case with jailbreak/rooting, Spyic works the syncing process. It’s inventive technology pairs with the targeted device’s OS and fetches data for you. It’s a far safer and secure way. 

Spyic is your guardian 

Would you like to fall into the nippers of online fraud while trying to clone other’s phones? We know your answer would be a “No”. This is what makes us choosing Spyic.

One of the biggest reasons for getting victimized by the hand of cyber fraud is exposing your data to some malicious sources, knowingly and unknowingly.   

Spyic doesn’t work in such an imperfect and hazardous manner at putting your crucial data at stake. It made it happen by not saving your data on its server. So, your crucial data remains with you. 

It may take a whole day to explain how Spyic makes cloning a cakewalk for everyone. But, alas! We don’t have that much time. So, here is a quick overview: 

  • Spyic for iOS comes with a 100% web-based user interface that can be used from any data/device. Its Android solution is no less impeccable. It’s a precisely-made app (size is less than 3MB) that can run in stealth mode. 
  • You get real-time data with Spyic. 
  • It can track 35+ activities without letting anyone know about it. 

2 – Spyier 

You can learn about how to clone a phone with Spyier without any worries as it has 100% risk-free and discreet operations. It takes its usefulness to a whole new level by offering you 35+ remote monitoring features.

Whether you want to learn about the location or the social media accounts used by the target, it can trace anything. 

This is why world-media has come in its support and, we must say, Spyier hasn’t disappointed them. 

Here are some of the key specialties of Spyier that grabbed second place to it:

  • It works by keeping jailbreak/rooting at bay. There is an inventive synchronization technique that has made phone cloning free all the risks. 
  • It comes with a super-friendly interface that demands no specific cloning skills and can be operated from any device/browser. 
  • Have we mentioned that using Spyier is pocket-friendly too? You can clone a phone for a month at $10 only.  
  • You would be stunned seeing its accuracy and speed in data fetching. As soon as actions happen on the targeted phone, you are notified. 


3 – Minspy 

Minspy phone cloning app is what you can trust up next when you are in dearth of risk-free phone cloning solutions.

Minspy ensures that its users don’t face any difficulties in trying their hands on something as tricky as phone cloning by offering a highly user-friendly interface and straightforward operations. 

Whether you use it for iOS or for Android, you will enjoy glitches-free assistance every time. While Minspy for iOS impresses you with its 100% web-based interface, Minspy for Android makes you wonder about how a 3MB size app can work so perfectly. 


4 – Spyine 

If you will check the Spyine website, you will see many real-time customers singing in its praise. That’s enough to give it a place on our list.

Spyine is one another reliable phone cloning solution that you can trust without any disquiets. Because: 

  • It’s a tried and tested solution. Millions across the world have already used it. 
  • It works without jailbreak/rooting the targeted device. 
  • Its risk-free performance has been praised by many media houses. Life Hacker, Forbes, and Android Authority are amongst them.
  • It can clone more than 30 phone activities and track all the social media accounts used by the target.
  • Every data it renders comes with a timestamp.


5 – Cocospy

Cocospy phone cloning app is our last pick. All your concerns and worries related to risk-free phone cloning will be resolved with Cocospy in the most straightforward manner.

You don’t need to equip yourself with any special skills. In fact, no special hardware is demanded to get started with Cocospy.

This is why we have picked it. Some of the other takeaways with Cocospy are:

  • Jailbreak/rooting free options.
  • Web-based operations (in case of iOS) and stealth mode (in case of Android).
  • Multiple device phone cloning facilities.
  • High-end data security as it doesn’t save your data on its server.


The hassle and risk-free phone cloning is now your cup of tea

If you used to think that phone cloning can be done by those expert hands then this article must have helped you to have a clear picture. Any greenhorn, including you, can master this art without creating any hassle if you have the right resource. 

Needless to say, Spyic is what you should decide upon at first. It has left other phone cloning options far behind with its risk-free, discreet, secure, and easy operations. 

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