Emerging Common investment Scams


Scams have become of the major issues of online marketing. You will be finding several pop-ups on your screen while surfing the internet, or you might get an email about winning a lottery. All these are just the ways to attract customers in a spiderweb.

In this article, I have enlisted some of the typically invested schemes with a warning sign to make you all understand fraudster works.

If you ever come across a scheme that you suspect is a scan, you can report it to the BCSC (British Columbian security Commission). And you don’t have to worry as your identity will be kept secret.

So, shall we start removing their hood?

Emerging COVID 19 scams

It is requested by the WWHO not to believe in any companies that are boasting of having devices that can prevent Coronavirus. There have been no medicine or tools that can detect and cure COVID 19 infected patients.

Fraudsters are using the pandemic to trick fellow patients and frightened people into seeing irrelevant products. Be extra careful about these kinds of fraudsters and be extra vigilant to report than when you come across one.

Social media Fraudster

When you are out there doing social media, you might have seen people offering job offer with unreasonable packages. That’s is one of the social media fraudsters. They trick people with cheesy deals and grab their attention. And as social media allows friends to see the user’s information, they try to become friends with you by sharing a common interest. And once you become close with, then they try to entice you to invest.

How does Social Media Fraudster work?

Fraudsters can get in contact with the people at relatively low cost. From there, they can get their details like email addresses and can approach them with fake accounts. All these fake accounts are made up of attractive images to make the account look legitimate. The anonymity of social media platforms makes it difficult to measure the authenticity of the fake accounts.

To make sure that you are not one of their victims, watch out for these characteristics.

  • Unreasonable offers to invest.
  • Offer free and unbiased services.
  • Claims with guaranteed high returns.

Crypto asset-related scam

Crypto assets are digital assets with decentralized nature. These include Cryptocurrencies, ICOs (Initial coin offering), IEOs (Initial exchange offers), and blockchain companies.

In recent years cryptocurrency investment has generated interest from the traders and the investors. But with the rise in popularity and decentralized in nature, scammers have found several ways to disrupt the Crypto trade market.

How are Crypto assets related to scam works?

  • Be very careful from the person who is claiming to have a place where you can invest your money securely and enjoy a high risk-free return.
  • Once the investor invests in the form of digital currency, the broker stops communication with you.
  • You might see your trading account making a considerable profit, but the truth is that that might be a fake flatform, to begin with.
  • The fraudster may even claim more money in an excuse to pay up the taxes and other overhead expenses.

Even if you are dealing with an authentic broker, you must consider him/her a fraudster and must be clear about everything before making any investment. Here are some pointers that you can take into consideration.

  • Guaranteed high return on any investment.
  • Complicated keywords or languages that you cannot understand.
  • An unlicensed salesperson with less experience.
  • Unsolicited offers: That means you can give low-risk high return offers to grab your interest.
  • Creating urgency: When dealing with fraudsters, they will try to create urgency to speed up your investing decision.

Gold Scams

Have you ever heard of the “Pump and Dump” scheme? What you haven’t? Then it is high time that you remember this name. This scheme is currently used by the fraudster to target their prey. This scheme focuses on a public company that involves gold production and mining. You can start trading bitcoins today, just click here to login

Watch out for these characteristics, if you do not want to be one of their victims.

  • Overrepresentation of the amount of gold that can be founding the mine.
  • Giving you a higher number of shares.
  • Asking you to visit their property under strict guidelines.
  • High-end brochures, sleek, and cheeky website.

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