Essential Business Tech in 2020


One of the best ways of making your business more efficient in 2020 is to adopt business software and apps across a range of your key teams. Business software allows for an improved process, more efficient working, and a happier, more productive workforce.

Take a look at the three options listed below to see how they might help with improving your business, and making it much more efficient.

  1. Marketing

If you want to operate a successful marketing department in 2020, you will almost always have to invest in marketing tech to keep ahead of the curve. Whether it’s inbound or outbound marketing, purchasing the right software and marketing apps can supercharge your efforts, and free up time for your marketing team to focus on the creative elements of their roles.

Marketing automation programs such as Marketo can help to streamline marketing activities, from prospecting potential clients, scheduling and sending out emails, tracking replies and responses, and sending automated emails in response.

Simply plug in your existing custom base, and bring it to life by sending targeted and timely email marketing campaigns, all on an automated basis. Assign profiles to customers based on their responses, buying patterns and revenue.

Another considerable benefit of marketing automation software is in it’s reporting capabilities. Rather than having to gather key stakeholders around the business and arrange meeting times to share campaign progress, this software allows you to instantly share campaign updates to all relevant parties, at any time. Each project team member can instantly access the campaign reporting to get a quick view of how each campaign, and each element of the campaign, are performing.

  1. Administration

One of the main reasons for a lack of resource and time within admin and HR teams is manual tasks taking up too much focus. From logging timesheets to manually sharing important company information, business admin teams can be held back with manual tasks.

Consider investing in a software such as a quality HR system to help free up the time of your team and allow them to focus on what’s important, like being readily available for the employees of the business.

These kinds of systems offer a wealth of services and options to help improve the processes of the HR team, from helping with hiring and onboarding, to dealing with employee issues and regular processes.

  1. Project management

Most businesses will have multiple projects running at any one time, and the time it takes to manage these projects as well as keeping all team members up to date can be quite costly. Fortunately, there are many project management apps, such as Asana, which are not only free to use, but can considerably free up time for projects and related teams across the entire business.

Project management software such as Asana and others, allow for all members of the project team to contribute to the project tracking, by simply logging in to the app and sharing their own updates, or adding to other team members updates and tasks.

Not only do these software options help with efficiency and cost, they also make the lives of team members easier, by offering the option of viewing the project remotely, either from a different office or even from home, as the software for each project is readily available online.

  1. Customer service

The vast majority of business types will have some form of customer service function, with many opting for telephone and email support. However, many modern businesses are now adopting instant communication software to allow their customers to talk directly to support agents and get an answer to their question right away.

Many popular websites now offer live chat functions, such as those offered by Zen Desk, whereby customers can instantly ask a question about a product or service before committing to the sale. Not only does this help with online conversion, it can also be a much more efficient way of managing custom service queries compared with traditional telephone and email options.

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