3 Ways to Find Out Who is Calling from an Unknown Number


If you are often called from unfamiliar numbers, then most likely your number got into the database, which is used by unscrupulous companies to impose various services. This could happen after you left your number somewhere, for example, on a classifieds website.

Replacing the number, in this case, is not an option. This has caused a lot of inconveniences before, but now there are so many services associated with the phone number, including banking, that changing it can be dangerous. Most likely, you will not even remember all the services where you used your phone to register. Considering that your old number will eventually be given to someone else, this will not lead to anything good. The new owner will be able to access your data. Reverse phone lookup can also help you identify a person who is appearing unknown or strange.

You can, of course, not receive calls from unknown subscribers at all, but then you can miss an important call, moreover, this will not work if you have to communicate a lot with strangers at work. There is a way out, it does not work 100%, but it will make your life much easier.

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Truecaller app

The most popular application for detecting unwanted calls. On Android alone, the app has over 500 million installations.

Registration is required to work. The good thing is that you can skip your email and prevent other users from viewing your profile. In addition to caller ID, the program has functions for blocking unwanted calls and SMS, as well as a paid subscription. However, you can do without all this.

On iOS, you need to give additional permissions to the program (not only this one but other similar ones). To do this, go to the settings and select “Phone”. Further, “Block. and identify. call “. Allow all applications that you want to use to identify phone numbers.

Yandex application

This is a universal application that contains Yandex services. Here you can not only read “Zen” or scan the QR code but also check the phone number. The advantage of this application is that it is domestic, which means that users from the Russian Federation are a priority for the developer. The data is taken from the application’s own database, including based on user feedback, and the directory of organizations.

Install multiple applications at once. If the number is not in one database, then it may be in another.

To activate the verification of numbers, go to the list of functions of the application. Click on the tab with four squares symbolizing the application icon in the lower right corner. Find “Caller ID” and turn it on.

Other applications

In addition, other applications can be used. But as a rule, this will already be redundant. Nevertheless, if the calls that you are receiving are not recognized, then try other options. Perhaps you are already using the 2GIS service. It also has the ability to identify incoming calls. This is not surprising, because the company has a huge database of organizations in the cities of Russia. Go to the settings and activate the caller ID.

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