10 Gadgets Every College Student Needs


The modern age of technological achievements can turn a student’s life into a dream. All they need to know is what devices and technologies to purchase. The lists of tech absolute must-haves are getting extended and modified all year long. This, it can be hard to keep up and know what’s best to buy. Say no more! Here is our take on 10 gadgets every student needs.

Portable Charger

Let’s start with an absolute must-have. A portable charger. This is more than just a simple device, it is a lifesaver. You can go anywhere knowing that a portable charge will have your back. It is especially relevant in college when you have all-day classes and extracurricular activities.

LED Photo Clip String Lights

Making your room cozy and homey should be a priority to you. Especially if it’s your first time to leave home for so long. LED Photo Clip String Lights should help you create a warm atmosphere in your dorm room. They are a great decor element. Just put it somewhere above your bed, choose your favorite photos of your family and friends, and feel their presence! The soft lighting of the string also helps make an extra cozy environment.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Waking up with loud, unpleasant, repeating noises is such a horrific way to start the day. No wonder most people on the campus are so grumpy in the morning. Let’s put an end to it! A Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock can turn your mourning into quite a pleasant experience. The alarm wakes you up with soft light that imitates the sunrise. You can also program it to add some white noise or radio.

Foldable Keyboard

There are multiple reasons why you should get yourself a portable keyboard. First and foremost, this device does miracles to your health. Surprised? Long hours behind a computer or laptop can cause neck and back pains. It is all because of a bad posture and weird arms positions during typing. Having a portable keyboard can fix that by adjusting your sitting situation.

Also, it can be quite a relief for your eyes, since there’s more room between you and your screen. You can carry a foldable keyboard anywhere and synchronize it with your tablet and phone whenever you have an inspiration to write. It can be your best essay helper online! And you don’t even need a laptop to finish your paper anymore!


Smartwatches these days can do so much for you. They are not there to increase your productivity, but to check on your health as well. They can give you time, inform you about new messages, warn of urgent news, but also monitor your health state, the number of steps you took, or record your heartbeat. They immediately become your irreplaceable helpers in life and school.

Smart Water Bottle

Your daily water intake is crucial for your health. College students have a lot of things in their lives that add stress and chaos to their days. However, your water consumption should not be compromised by those things. Having a Smart Water Bottle can easily prevent it from happening. A smart bottle’s main goal is to keep you hydrated throughout the day. To achieve that, they use all kinds of methods. A bottle tracks your water intake and warns you when you are not keeping up with your daily norms.

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It is impossible to imagine a student without a Kindle. College experience comes with a lot of studying materials. It can be quite inconvenient for students. All those printed materials are heavy and easy to lose. Buying printed books is also quite expensive. A compact Kindle can be a lifesaver in such situations. You don’t have to remember which book to take with you. You don’t have to search for them in a rush. Download all of your books to your Kindle and be always ready.

Smart Notebook

A smartbook is a true miracle of technological progress. Those who dream of an easy digitalization process of the class notes can sigh in relief. A smart book can do precisely that. The special ink along with reusable pages makes it possible to upload everything you have written there to a cloud of your choice. Recall the last time you were saying, “I need help on my math homework, I’ve lost my notes.” Well, no more of that! Besides, this reusable notebook is a great eco solution to endless regular notebooks.

Slow cooker

What student can have the time for cooking? Or who has the time to learn how to cook during their first year of college? Let’s not support this harmful expectation of young people. Instead, we insist that every student should have a slow cooker in their kitchens. It is easy to use and to wash, it’s convenient and time-saving. What more you can wish for?

Portable Printer

Last but least, a portable printer is such a time saver (not to mention the drastic decline of anxiety in your life). Just imagine a regular crowd in that single printing place in your area. Isn’t it much better to have such a machine at home with unlimited 24/7 access? Yep, we thought so too.

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