Outdoor getaways like hiking, biking, and camping trips with friends are the perfect remedy to detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is the best time to disconnect from the virtual world that we’re so used to living in and understand living in the moment. When you set off for these trips, you essentially give up the comfort of civic life and embrace the wild. You are equipped only with your wits and smarts to help you safely navigate through.

However, “roughing” it on these trips isn’t necessary; modern times have clever solutions to make your trips in the great outdoors more enjoyable and comfortable.

Following are some innovative and exciting gadgets that you should consider taking on your next trip to make your outdoor adventure much more relaxing and comfortable.

  1. Portable grill

When in the great wild, food is a pretty big issue. Many set out with a keen intent to hunt as our forefathers did and then cook the meat outdoors in the good old-fashioned way or find the right greens in nature to cook and eat.

But when in the wild, building campfires is a big hassle; finding wood that isn’t too damp and then setting it alight. An easy solution is to take with you a portable grill. It’s light and doesn’t take up much space but offers excellent utility in times like these.

  1. Lantern

For the feebler-hearted within us, a torch just doesn’t cut it, and a battery-powered lantern is a valuable thing to have when you’re in the absolute dark. It’s a source of comfort when you’re in your tent at night as you’re completely in the unknown.

Are you fascinated by spirits and ghosts? Then a spiritshack is a must-have for your late-night escapade out with your friends to detect any unusual presence around you or in an empty structure.

It is also an excellent way of making the night more enjoyable, knowing you’re in the middle of nowhere – and when you’re not alone.

  1. Backpack cooler

Going out for a hike with the sun glaring down on your skin is one thing, but the thirst that comes with it is unbearable. So having a cool drink when you stop to catch your breath is a blessing. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across a river to cool yourself off.

But on usual hiking routes, that’s not the case. It’s times like these that call for a compact backpack cooler. It can store 18 pre-cooled cans and keep them ice-cold for up to 24 hours. No need to carry a sizeable insulated box and get ice to dump into it! Now you can hike to your favorite spot to enjoy the view with an ice-cold can of soda in your hand.

  1. Water Filter

If you’re wondering how far science has come, then yes, now the strenuous process of decontaminating water that comes into the taps at your home has been reduced significantly into a hand-held gadget. With so much pollution around, people are skeptical of drinking water from purely natural sources as well.

Therefore, this gadget comes in pretty handy. A straw filter can filter up to 1000 liters of water without any chemical components. Indeed, a fantastic invention!

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  1. Mosquito/Insect Repellant

The immunity of modern people isn’t what it used to be, and in the great wilderness, an insect repellant is a handy item to protect ourselves from the creepy crawlies. You can either apply a mosquito repellant on your skin or get a battery-powered portable repellant to get rid of flying insects.

  1. Portable wash bags

When in the wild, a change of clothes often becomes necessary. However, carrying your dirty laundry with your clean set of clothes isn’t a viable solution. A separate wash bag is a pretty good solution to this dilemma, where the attached washboard to the bag can help scrub those clothes clean.

  1. Vacuum bottle

A vacuum bottle is nothing short of an essential for outdoor adventures. Even if you’re venturing out in the snowor the sweltering heat, it can maintain the temperature of your chosen beverage for hours, and you can have it when you settle down at your campsite.

  1. Portable camping chair

This is a valuable item to keep. Why sit down on uneven ground covered with rocks and twigs and when you can sit on a comfy chair and enjoy the surroundings. These chairs are light, compact, and easily fit within your luggage.

  1. Foam Backpacking Mattress

This item is handy for those with back issues. Lying down on the bare ground can be pretty taxing for people with back pain, and portable mattresses like these make it easier to spend nights out in the wild without worrying about the repercussions to the spine.

  1. Compact Kitchen Set

Getting food ready in the wild is a pretty big hassle without proper utensils at your disposal. Since everyday utensils are rather large to carry around, a compact kitchen set is your solution. A compact kitchen set can be fitted inside a small bag without issues, making it easy for you to cook and consume your food.

  1. Tracking bracelets

If you’re going into the wild, consider getting some tracking bracelets/watches for yourself and your friends to help stick together. It is easy to get lost during these outings, and fortunately for us, modern technology has helped alleviate that problem. In case of any emergency, you can now send an SOS signal, and via the GPS in your smartphones, you can track the person and bring them to safety.

  1. Some low tech

It’s always safe to have some low-tech items on you when going into the wilderness. Simple things like a compass, LED flashlights, and a whistle can be life-savers where technology fails to help you. With a compass in hand, you can navigate your way back to your camp very quickly. A whistle is there to help make tracking a more straightforward process.

Flares are another way of letting your friends know your location, and everyone should carry a few with them.


With so much technology in our lives, it has never been easier to plan a trip into the wild. These gadgets are what make these trips so much easier and safer. With so much industrialization, it’s high time that we stop and reconnect with nature to actively understand and work towards preserving the true face of this planet. It is a beautiful part of our ecosystem, and being a regular part of it will help us maintain it better.

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