5 Best Gaming Apps that Pay Real Money Fast

Playing games on your phone won’t make you rich, but these 5 gaming apps can have fun and make you extra money.

Extra money is available to anyone, but it can be hard to find a correct way to make more money in your spare time. Also, many side activities can be difficult or unpleasant, and few want to do more after returning home from a hard day at work.

It doesn’t make you rich, but many apps reward you for playing games or doing simple tasks on your phone. There are dozens of such apps, and yes, many of them are rough or fraudulent. But some things are not only legal but also worth it.

These apps are not a substitute for your day-to-day work, but they can give you a little extra pocket money to feed yourself.

  • Swagbucks ($5 Bonus)


Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites and apps that reward users. Signing up for the service is simple and can be used on any basic phone or computer. This site offers a variety of ways to earn bonus points called Swag bucks.

  • Where to play: iPhone, Android, and Swagbucks.com
  • Revenue: $2-4 per hour
  • Cost to play: $0 on most games. Some have cash entry fees.
  • Payment method: PayPal. They can also be exchanged for other rewards, such as gift certificates and gift certificates.

The site offers various ways to earn bonus points. These games that pay you to play may charge a bit, but you won’t get anything if you lose, the game offers competition between players for prizes. The problem is that you have to pay an entrance fee to play the game. If you win, you will make a profit, but if you lose, you lose the money.

Finally, you can get Swag bucks by downloading and playing the game on your phone. To do this, you must meet specific requirements, such as signing up for an offer on the Swag bucks website, downloading the app, and achieving a minimum level to receive rewards.

  • Mistplay


Mistplay is an Android-only app that rewards you for playing various games on your phone. When you download and open Mistplay, you will see a list of different games you can play. You can earn rewards by selecting one of the listed games, downloading it, and then start to play.

  • Where to play: Android
  • Revenue: $3-5 per hour
  • Cost to play: Free
  • Payment method: Gift card

Rewards can be redeemed after earning typically $3 to $5 per hour and earning $5 worth of units. In some cases, you can increase your income by completing a series of games and continuing to play or participate in competitions.

3- MyPoints ($10 Bonus)

  • Where to play: iOS, Android and myPoints.com
  • Revenue: $2-4 per hour
  • Cost to Play: Free
  • Payment method: PayPal and gift cards

MyPoints is a website very similar to Swagbucks that rewards you for activities such as surveys, watching videos, and playing games.

MyPoint is more focused on making money when shopping, rewarding you with up to 40%  points when you shop in the store or on the website of a partner retailer. The site also offers coupons to save you even more money on your purchases.

Publishers Clearing House

3- Publishers Clearing House

  • Where to play: iPhone, Android, or PCH.com.
  • Revenue: Very variable.
  • Cost to play: Free.
  • Payment Method: Cash and Gift Certificates.

Publishers Clearing House is best known for being a company popping up in the homes of people with huge checks, but there are also phone apps and websites where you can play games. One thing that sets the Publisher Clearing house apart from other apps and sites on this list is that they don’t get guaranteed rewards. You know you can’t play for an hour and you’ll make $3. Instead, by playing online or through the app, you can participate in various Publisher Clearing House contests and sweepstakes.

These draws include not only multi-million dollar draws, but also instant wins or online games with discounts of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

 Most of these games have high odds, so in most cases, you won’t win anything. However, these games can be a fun way to pass the time and you are less likely to win one of the major life-changing competitions.

  • Givling


Givling is a quiz app for iPhone and Android that gives you cash rewards and helps you pay off your student loans.  There are two ways to make money with Givling.

The first is to take Givling’s daily quizzes. You can play up to twice a day. Each time you play, you join a  team of three and answer true or false quizzes until you finish the round or miss too many questions. Every question you answer correctly will earn you points. At the end of the competition period, if the team scores the most points, the monetary reward is split.

  • Where to play: iPhone and Android
  • Revenue: Variable
  • Cost to play: Free ($0.50 per game after 2 free games per day)
  • Payment method: Pay cash and student loan

The second way to earn is a daily game where you earn points from a queue. Givling runs a crowdfunding lineup for people with student loan debt. Advertisements appear when you play the game of Givling. The company receives a portion of these advertising revenues and uses it to pay off a significant portion of the player’s student debt. You can also earn points in the queue by completing sponsorship offers. When you earn points in the queue, you queue up for up to $50,000 in student loans, depending on the number of points in the queue. So far, the company has repaid about $7 million in loans.

 Givling offers no guaranteed payouts, so it’s a lot like a lottery, but it’s a fun way to take quizzes for free and offers great chances of winning.

Wrapping it up

Playing games on your phone doesn’t make you rich, but there are several options for having fun and earning extra money. Don’t expect them to replace your daily routine. But they can help you eat a good lunch or subsidize your daily coffee habit.

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