What is Helcim? Review and its uses


As a full-issuer carrier issuer services issuer, Helcim gives you access to a number of first rate capabilities — all of which assist you to way client payments and manage your business.

To artwork with Helcim carrier issuer services, you first put up a carrier issuer account application, and as quickly as you’re approved, you get preserve of a carrier issuer account to your business. This carrier issuer account permits you to simply accept credit score rating card payments (and debit too) — which incorporates Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB and China UnionPay — from customers.


Using  Helcim-review manner you don’t want to open a separate carrier issuer account with a monetary group, but you do want to have a look at for a carrier issuer account and Helcim reserves the right to reject your application. Helcim’s Acceptable Use Policy information a list of prohibited companies that it is able to now no longer provide services.

 This list includes “high-danger merchants,” like telemarketing companies, internet gambling providers, telemedicine services and more.

Credit and debit terminals

If you run a brick-and-mortar preserve and need to simply accept credit score rating card payments in person, Helcim offers quite a few first rate terminals in order to choose out from. Helcim offers the ones physical terminals at a one-time rate and doesn’t lock you proper right into a long-term machine lease. Terminal options from Helcim include:

  1. Helcim Mobile Card Reader: Compatible with Apple and Android devices, connects thru audio jack.
  2. Wired Countertop, Ingenico DESK3500: Chip card reader (chip and PIN/EMV).
  3. Short-Range Wireless, Ingenico iWL220: Bluetooth terminal for pay-at-table capability.
  4. Long-Range Wireless, Ingenico iWL250: Built-in SIM card, take shipping of payments from almost anywhere (calls for added statistics plan).

With all of its hardware products, Helcim includes a one-one year rate-loose replacement. If you have were given already have a terminal, Helcim offers a terminal alternate program. For $75 in line with alternate, you could deliver to your cutting-edge hardware in alternate for a refurbished terminal from Helcim — programmed and ready-to-byskip even as it arrives.

Only effective terminals are eligible for this program, so you’ll want to artwork with Helcim immediately if you’re looking to utilize its terminal alternate.

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Mobile app

As part of the Helcim Commerce platform, you get access to the Helcim mobile app for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. With this app, you could use the mobile card reader hardware to way payments immediately in your mobile device. Although you could use the physical mobile card reader, you could moreover manually enter client credit score rating card data into your device. Helcim permits you to download the app to a significant style of devices, and your statistics will mechanically sync for the duration of them.

Virtual terminal

In addition to the physical terminal options Helcim offers, its carrier issuer services moreover includes a virtual terminal so you can take shipping of payments in your computer. Using its internet interface, you could log in from any device that has internet access and authorize credit score rating card transactions in real time.

With the virtual terminal, you manually enter the client’s credit score rating card data similarly to greater data (billing and shipping addresses, invoicing, etc.) if you choose out to do so. You can deliver client receipts thru e-mail or print them. The virtual terminal moreover permits you to perform refunds and voids, set up habitual payments, view transaction data and take shipping of various types of payment (cash, checks, monetary group deposits, ACH payments).

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