How Blue light glasses for kids help against screen time?

COVID- 19 situations lead to an increase in the demand for blue light glasses. From adults to children, everyone was addressed for an immediate lockdown. That led to shifting in everything from outdoors to only online. Kids had to attend classes online. Hence, everything from homework to classwork was available on the internet.

Lockdown intended to slow the spread of the contagious pandemic which pushed us indoors to remain safe. However, it created a sudden change in the lives of children and adults that took some time to adjust. Due to everything online, kids are using screen time more than ever before. Prolong Hours of screen consumption by kids creates severe impacts on their physical and mental well being.

Covid-19 Impact on Kids

The rise in screen time of children in times of Covid-19 shot to 90% than ever witnessed. Kids from the age group of 5 -15 are taking online classes, playing video games and watching TV shows and movies to pass the time. Parents all around the world are worried about the severity of this situation. 54% of parents saw an increase of an additional 5 hours spent online than average. It is turning to a significant concern among parents who are trying to slow down on internet obsession.

There’s also an increase in various eye discomfort due to excessive screen consumption among kids. There’s a recurring headache, eye strain, burning sensation, dry eyes, itching, redness and many more problematic conditions seen in kids nowadays. It’s resulting from excessive use and focus on the screen and hence painful visual experience. Often, the screen intrudes with the quality of their vision by making it blurry and unclear.

What’s the Solution towards Screen Time Increase?

The lockdown happened so quickly that none of us got enough time to make any preparation. However, there’s an efficient solution towards screen time increase with the help of blue light glasses, also known as blue blocker glasses. Blue light glasses protect the eyes from the screen and eliminate all the negative impacts caused by it.

Screens from our digital devices like computer, laptop, iPad, and others transmit harmful blue light rays. These detrimental blue light rays reach our eyes whenever we sit against a screen. These light rays reach the retina of the eyes and cause discomforts like eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and many other painful conditions.

Blue light also impacts your sleeping pattern by keeping you awake. Blue light rays disturb the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin which causes us to stay awake and alert all day night. Blue light rays also increase the risk of progressive eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration and cataract if not treated on time. These harmful rays are severely dangerous for our eyes. Besides, screen time increase additionally contributes to various eye problems.

In such a situation, you need protection which ceases the active movement of blue light penetration in the eyes. Hence blue light glasses are the most effective solution while using the screen for hours. Blue light glasses contain a special coating on their lenses which showcase an anti-reflective property. The AR property on the lenses reflects or blocks out incoming blue light rays and shields the eyes from developing any discomfort. A blue light coating is available on every prescription glasses online and non-prescriptive glasses. You can avail these protective coatings on any lenses of your choice to keep yourself protected while using the screen.

Kids who are experiencing frequent headaches and eye strain due to prolonged hours of screen consumption need to take action for their eye protection. If left untreated, the causal problem can develop into a progressive vision problem.

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