How Do I Open a Text Document?

To launch a text document for editing, just double-click on its icon – the text editor will be launched automatically, and the contents of this document will be displayed in its window.

There is also an alternative way to trigger a text document in a Word window. To do this, start the editor and then click the Open button located in the standard toolbar of the program.

At the top of this window, there is a special Folder menu, using which you can navigate the file system of your computer. To the right are several functional buttons designed to make it easier for you to navigate through files and folders. In particular, the Back button, designed as an arrow directed to the left, allows you to quickly return to the previous folder that you left while browsing the file structure.

If you have a massive documents database, you can also use Document management system to organize them efficiently. These types of tools are very beneficial for some heavy users.

The Up button, which represents an open folder with an upward pointing arrow, will help you navigate to the parent folder from the current one.

This function is not available if you have reached the top navigation level – the desktop. You can create a new folder with an arbitrary name in the current folder by selecting the Create folder button, which depicts an open folder with a bright yellow flash at its top. If no folder name has been entered, Windows will assign the default New Folder name to it.

Understanding How You Can Manage Text Files

Finally, the View button, which includes a black arrow to its right, brings up a functional menu on the screen, in which you can select the mode of displaying file and folder icons in the dialog box. The menu offers standard icon display modes: Page Thumbnails, Tile, Grid, List, and Table.

On the left side of the window are folder icons that you can navigate to with one click.

At the bottom of the open file dialog is the Files of type menu, where you can select the type of file you are looking for to filter the file list. For example, if you want to browse a Word text document, select All Word Documents from the Files of type menu and only files with the .doc extension will be displayed in the list of this window.

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When opening a file, you need to:

  1. Move to the folder where the searched file is stored by selecting it from the Folder menu or navigating through the contents of the disk by double-tapping on the folder icons in the Open Document window.
  2. Select the appropriate item in the File type menu, or select the All files item.

3- Select the opened file with a mouse click.

  1. Click the Open button.

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