How to Become a Sailor


For people who have chosen the profession of a sailor, working on a ship is a vocation, a goal in life, the embodiment of a childhood dream. After all, what else can make a person change his lifestyle, encourage him to be sailing for a long time, be apart from his family?

Anyone who seeks to learn long journeys, constantly go out to sea, discover something new for himself, will undergo a long training and only then will become a sailor. Timzero Professional also assists a sailor to be more effective in finding the right path and securely find their destinations in the middle of oceans.

What it takes to become a sailor

Those who decide to get the profession of a seaman enter the relevant educational institutions;

 Only those who have passed theory, practice, received practical experience and a diploma can be allowed to work on the ship;

 Good health, endurance, ability to adapt to a new environment. Before each voyage, a sailor undergoes a mandatory medical examination, gets vaccinated, especially for a trip to distant countries;

 The cost of education is high, but the cost of education is paid off by a good salary. The profession is in demand, the competition is high.

 After receiving the diploma, it remains to show perseverance, show your best side, choose a well-paid voyage on a reliable ship. In this profession, knowledge of foreign languages ​​will be useful.

Sailors are divided into the following categories:

  • Machine command
  • Deck crew
  • Service staff

There are command personnel and officers. The officers need a higher education, the rank and file can only take courses.

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How to become a long-distance sailor

Sailors can choose both short flights – 4 months, and longer. It is not at all easy to be a long-distance sailor, but for those who nevertheless decide, it is worth considering the following options:

  1. Choose a cruise company, liner or cargo ship;
  2. Conclude a contract for a certain period (from several months to a year or more).

Being a long-distance sailor is a real test, not everyone can do it. Such people have a high percentage of marriage breakdown, children grow up without a father, habits and outlooks on life completely change, he becomes a different person. The profession is quite dangerous, long flights are considered the most risky.

How to become a submariner

Training is carried out in higher educational institutions, for example, at the Pacific Naval Institute named after Admiral O.S. Makarov .

Those who have really long dreamed of such a profession go to divers, there are no random people here for the following reasons:

  • The psyche is constantly pressed by a narrow circle of people who are constantly on a submarine, an enclosed space, far from land;
  • A dangerous profession, a large percentage of deaths among military personnel;
  • In the event of an accident on a submarine, the crew does their best to save the situation, because everyone understands that no one can escape;
  • Long flights, separation from family.

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