Great Ideas for Birthday Pranks


Who doesn’t love birthday parties? With the typical festivities that involve eating and drinking until you can’t walk straight, it’s the perfect time to celebrate. 

While the usual celebrations are all well and dandy, it sometimes pays off to do the unexpected. Birthday pranks can transform a somewhat predictable occasion into something more unique and memorable. 

However, like any practical joke, you should set limits on what you can and can’t do. Pranks done in good taste are a fantastic way to add entertainment value. In contrast, harmful pranks can potentially ruin a person’s birthday. Sometimes there can be a fine line between the two, so it’s best to do your research! 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fun birthday prank ideas for you to try. So without further adieu, let’s start!

Prank Calling Apps

Nothing boasts versatility like the prank call. Applicable to almost any situation, prank dialing can effortlessly drum up chaos like nothing else. Although prank calls suffered a sharp decline due to an increase of traced caller IDs, new apps have quickly rectified this problem. 

In addition to keeping users anonymous, prank apps give a wide array of features that far excels your typical prank call. 

OwnagePranks – The King of Prerecorded Calls

This app sends a prank call on your behalf with a unique prank scenario. Users lacking sufficient experience performing prank calls can alternatively use an automated prerecorded call to achieve better results. Prerecordings available have various scripts suited for birthday pranks, which include the following:

Piñata Delivery – Juan calls to demand payment for the birthday Pinata ordered a week ago. After rambling about the work it took to create the Pinata, he will arrange to collect the money from your home. 


Package Delivery Thief: Your Neighbor Rusell calls to explain that your package was mistakenly sent to his address. However, after reviewing the package’s contents, he cheekily decides to keep the goodies for himself. 

To make a prank, simply do the following:

Step One:

Choose a prerecording that best suits the birthday celebrant. With over 100 scripts available, users are spoilt for choice. 

Step Two:

After choosing your script, make the call to your recipient. The prerecording will automatically play while you tune in live.

Step 3:

Once finalized, listen to prank calls right after as they’re immediately saved. 

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Transform How You Sound – Voicemod – Voice Changer & FX

If you’ve prepared your own birthday script for a prank call, a voice changer can significantly add to prank execution. Voicemod – Voice Changer & FX lets users select from a whooping 40 sound effects to transform their speaking voice during a live call. Sound modifications include Robot, Deep, Evil, and Kong. Users can also apply face filters if they opt for a video call, adding more fun while hiding their identity. 

In general, voice changers are useful for prank callers, especially when interacting with relatives and close friends. If you have recognizable speaking patterns or a distinct accent/voice, a voice modulation app can help disguise that. 

Practical Jokes in The Household

If you live with roommates, colleagues, or relatives, then these birthday pranks are perfectly ideal. But be warned! These pranks tend to instigate a bit of a reaction, so make sure they’re in a good mood first!

Salty Cookies

Are cookies on the menu for your loved one’s birthday? If so, this light-hearted prank is great for causing fun reactions. As the name suggests, the trick is to serve them cookies packed with salt instead of sugar. After making your batch, put them in a bowl fresh from the oven. 

Place your bowl of cookies on the dining table, and give them a shout. Before your friend starts devouring your special treats, don’t forget to bring a smartphone to record their reactions! 

Remember that mixing and matching your wacky recipes isn’t exclusive to cookies. Various food types allow you to switch ingredients, depending on the personal taste of the birthday celebrant.

Lemony Goodness

When your friend isn’t looking, discreetly squeeze a lemon into their water or beverage. While lemons are a popular choice, it’s entirely up to you on what you put in (as long as it’s edible!). Great ideas to really make their faces pucker up are to throw in some vinegar or salt.

Pimp My Ride – The Sticky Note Edition

If you regularly watched MTV during the mid-2000s, you’ve probably seen an episode or two of ‘Pimp My Ride.’ This American car show showcased the coolest mechanics transforming old, outdated cars into flashy vehicles with many fun customizations. 

For this prank, you’ll also make ‘adjustments’ to your friend’s car, except with sticky notes. Do so by covering the entire car full of sticky notes, including their interior (if you can), and exterior. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination! Use whatever arrangement or combination of colors you wish.

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