Top 3 Investments for Overcoming Common Business Challenges


Whether on the manufacturing floor, in a hospital or in a sales office, business processes, employee hiring and retaining, and maintaining customer relationships have to be more efficient, more productive and accomplished with fewer costs than ever before. For the business to grow, it must be able to offer competitive pricing for high-quality service. Since the supply of money is not infinite, decisions have to be made on what areas of business are a priority to invest in to overcome common business challenges.

There are many investments that businesses can make to create an exponential increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. There are the top three.

Business Process Management System Installation or Upgrades

In any business, some activities need to be performed to accomplish a specific organizational goal. These activities are business processes that a business should always strive to make more efficient and effective. 

Investing in a business process management (BPM) system will provide continuous improvement in business performance in the following ways:

  • Employees will follow the same standards, which will reduce human error.
  • Workflow bottlenecks can be discovered and adjusted.
  • Non-value process steps can be eliminated.
  • Forecasts can be predicted with more accuracy and precision.

Learning Management Systems Installation or Upgrades

Recently, hiring the best talent and giving them a reason to stay has been a complicated challenge for most businesses.  With a new generation of potential employees flooding the market — potential employees who value professional development and career growth — it’s important to understand how to attract this new generation of talent and, at the same time, hold on to these employees while keeping them productive.  

Establishing a learning management system (LMS) will keep these employees engaged, challenged and productive during their career path at your business. In addition, you can keep track of skills that you might be missing to keep you competitive in your industry and adjust as necessary.

An LMS can provide the following benefits:

  • Workplace and online training can be established to develop skills and knowledge for employee career growth and better customer satisfaction.
  • Develops a learning culture that encourages and increases innovation and ideas.
  • Measures and tracks skill developments as they pertain to your business needs.
  • Performance data can be analyzed for training adjustments.
  • Skill-level assessments can be created.

Customer Relationship Management System Installation or Upgrades

CRM systems for managing customer relationships and potential customer interactions are important investments because they can store customer and prospective customer data and share that information with colleagues. It is capable of tracking customer and prospective customer data, such as:

  • Every phone call made.
  • Every e-mail sent.
  • Any meetings held and presentations delivered.

CRM systems can also be used to:

  • Add notes.
  • Schedule follow-ups.
  • Organize the next steps to close a deal or grow customer accounts.
  • Track customer feedback.

The essential features of a CRM system include:

  • Contact management.
  • Lead management.
  • Sales forecasting.
  • Instant messaging between employees.
  • Email tracking and integration.
  • File and content sharing.
  • Dashboard-based analytics.

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Work More Efficiently With BPM, LMS and CRM

Obstacles and challenges, such as inefficient and costly business processes, faulty employee hiring and retaining methods, and the inability to efficiently maintain customer and potential customer relationships can keep your business from being competitive. However, by investing in systems, such as BPM, LMS and CRM, these will help overcome those obstacles and challenges, contributing to your business operating effectively and efficiently while cutting costs. 

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