Is Kratom Safe For Pregnant Women?

Kratom is a herbaceous plant that grows in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. The leaves of kratom plants are plucked and extracts are made out of them. Sometimes the leaves are directly used by crushing them to make a powdered form and sometimes raw leaves are consumed in the form of kratom tea.

Kratom contains a large variety of components including biological compounds and alkaloids like mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine. This helps with pain relief and makes kratom a sedative. Along with that, frequent kratom users, as well as newbies, have said that this herb has helped them kick addictions to opiate and when nothing helped, kratom did. Even though some authorities might disagree with this and since there is no proper evidence or research, there is a probability that kratom can be used for opiate withdrawals as it helps a ton with combating the withdrawal symptoms.

For some people, kratom has been useful in getting off anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. There is nothing wrong in the fact that this natural herb can cause wonders but it is better to be careful when it comes to dealing with two strong substances at one time.

Authentic Kratom consumers have also talked about their experience of euphoric effects without increased anxiety. This sets a bar for kratom providing beneficial effects with little or no side effects seen.

The main question is, can kratom be used by pregnant women?

Even though the Food And Drug Association (FDA) has declared kratom a ‘drug of concern’ it is still not proved by them if it is an actual drug or not. If kratom is a drug, then this means that when consumed by the mother, the effects will be seen in the baby when it’s born as the additive moves via the placenta from the mother to the fetus.

There have been many lab tests and research about this herb but not even one has shown that kratom can be harmful in any way or the other. There is a red signal about its harmful consequences when overdosed but other than that, kratom is completely safe.

When it comes to kratom use by pregnant women, it is important to know that pregnant women need to monitor everything that goes into their bodies as it will directly affect the growth of their child. This is why it is recommended for them to refrain from using controversial products including kratom. This is because it is better to be safe than sorry. It will be difficult for women who solely depend on medications for their routine tasks and it might be a significant change especially if you were using kratom before you became pregnant.

If there is an urgent need of using kratom or you think that you need to take kratom in any way, it is better to consult a doctor or physician in that case. Guidance is very important and every step counts when it comes to consumption of food or even supplements, while pregnant.

There have been no reports about kratom affecting the fetus in any way before birth as well as after birth but it is better to not take the risk because there is little research and no one knows the exact ratio of components in this herb. This is what makes it a little alarming because it might contain something toxic for the unborn child.

There has been news about the use of different opioids during pregnancy and their effects like a hole in the abdominal wall and glaucoma etc. This is why it is better and safe to not use kratom while being pregnant.

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