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When talking about marketing brands and influencers, we talk about the recent digital influence development. Brands and companies have been using marketing influencers before the thriving of social media. Today, most social media influencers are key opinion leaders¬†who operate the digital domain. In the digital arena, influencer marketing is the crucial factor in brand marketing as it allows marketers to introduce the human element to their brand. In the digital arena crowded with adverse brands and advertisements, customers are likely to trust personal recommendations, making humans vital in a campaign’s success.

Who is a Key Opinion Leader?

They are professional brand advocates who promote their expert opinion to consumers. They are essential to a brand as they personalize messaging; word of mouth and personal recommendations are critical to consumers. They explore different expertise fields like medicine, agriculture, technology, sports, politics, and more.

How are Brands Making Sense of Key Opinion Leader?

Influencers or opinion leaders mean the same thing: it involves an individual who can impact and engage people in a particular product.

1. Generate Sales

They are trusted by fans who look up to them for entertainment and their opinions and advice. While not all opinion leaders have popularity, when promoting a brand within their area of expertise, they are not getting a brand in the eyes of a large audience; they are also offering an expert endorsement. Expertise and trust is the vital impression of an opinion leader. Whether by training or popularity, they are prominent voices within a specific target audience or industry. They have a reputable relationship with their audiences, which results in influencing their purchasing choices.

2. Increase Your Reach

One of the famous opinion leaders is Cristiano Ronaldo, a world-known soccer player, and his opinion on athletic gear has a remarkable impact on his fans. Popular YouTubers are also a significant influence on a brand; when they recommend a kitchen set, their audience is likely to trust their endorsement. They ensure your brand reach your target audience by a significant percentage. Partnering with an opinion leader who has tremendous influence or followers on Facebook or Instagram is quicker, cheaper, and effective than opting for traditional advertising ways.

Different Key Opinion Leaders for Your Brand

As influence marketing continues taking its way in the digital domain, you need to know different opinion leaders for your brand. Brands are increasingly using opinion leaders for their brands, a profitable way to get more sales and audience. There is a difference between influencers and opinion leaders by authenticity.

A key opinion leader collaborates with a brand in their area of expertise and not otherwise. When partnering with a brand, they consider several criteria like image positioning and conveying to publish useful content. They also express their opinion by posting unique content. Unlike an influencer, an opinion leader has a unique and unmistakable identity.

The audience trusts an opinion leader as he plays a vital role as a prescriber. His followers are loyal with a high engagement rate than an influencer. His expertise in a specific field wins his confidence and credibility to his audience.

NetBase Quid is a technology-centric operation that fuels market and consumer intelligence in businesses; they use social media, big data, and other techniques to find consumers. The company is experienced in pairing businesses with an expert to achieve their goals. They also help one identify differences between opinion leaders and brand influencers. The two attract a different audience and enable you to achieve different goals.


Since a key opinion leader has a significant impact on your brand, it is best to understand your target audience, their followers and choose an opinion leader from your findings. You can also use efficient tools to help you find an expert opinion leader. Use the above tips to build your brand, reach your target audience and establish credibility.

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