Key Opinion Leaders Are 21st-Century Marketing Cheerleaders According To NetBaseQuid


The Internet changed the retail industry. Online shopping is the new gold standard in retailing. Brick-and-mortar store shopping is the old way to buy things. In order for brands to stay relevant in the online shopping world, new marketing techniques come to the Internal surface daily. Brands have to reinvent marketing strategies as consumers readjust to life after the pandemic. One of the most successful new marketing strategies is to use key opinion leaders to promote products and services.

 Opinion Leaders Are On And Offline Marketing Cheerleaders

It doesn’t take much information to identify a key opinion leader. Opinion leaders influence the way people perceive products and services, according to NetBaseQuid. NetBaseQuid is a social media analyzer that dissects social media information using an artificial intelligence marketing platform.

NetBaseQuid is a marriage between a NetBase, a social media analyzer, and Quid. Quid uses an artificial intelligence platform that identifies the needs and desires of 21st-century consumers. The NetBaseQuid merger produced a new company. A company that uses tech products and social media information in a way that gives brands the impetus to reinvent themselves.

One tool NetBaseQuid uses to increase brand exposure and reinforce a brand’s credibility is bringing a key opinion leader on board to help change consumer perception of the brand. According to NetBaseQuid executives, opinion leaders are the cheerleaders that help brands increase revenue and raise consumer confidence.

 Key Opinion Leaders Tell Brands And Consumers Like It Is

When Phil Knight started selling Nike running shoes in the early 1970s, the only way to buy a pair was to buy them out of the trunk of Phil’s car in Boston. The trend to get fit started in the 1970s. Running was a prime ingredient in the quest to lose weight and get in shape.

When author and runner James Fixx wrote his 1977 book, The Complete Book of Running, Nike became a brand runner’s trusted because of the amount of money Nike supplied college athletic departments with footwear. And Nike did a lot of print advertising, TV ads, and other promotions to get noticed. Opinion leaders and influencers were the ads, the giveaways, and the word-of-mouth advertising people did after Nike proved its running shoes were the real deal.

Michael Jordan was the ultimate opinion leader when he worked with Nike designers to develop the “Air Jordan” line of basketball shoes. Other shoe brands looked for athletes to support their brand. Jordan proved athletes have the power to influence the buying habits of consumers.

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 Key Opinion Leaders Provide Awareness

Opinion leaders give brands and consumers the information they need to make a decision. Developing a trade relationship with any brand starts with awareness. And key opinion leaders provide that awareness using the credibility they established in a sector of the economy.

NetBaseQuid helps brands create credibility with consumers just like the old 1970s ads did. But NetBaseQuid supplies that information to brands in a timelier and direct manner. Identifying the right opinion leader in such a diversified economy requires help. NetBaseQuid’s AI platform provides all the help any brand or consumer need to make educated choices that contribute to Gross Domestic Product growth.

It’s hard to dispute the power of opinion leaders. Elon Musk just sent Bitcoin into the cryptocurrency toilet with one tweet. And Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon plan to bring 1960s Jetsons-type space travel back in fashion this decade. Thousands of people want to ride a rocket to space, and they want those three billionaires to show them how to do it.

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