All You Need To Know About Cloud Hosting


You must take hosting services to handle your website. If you choose to take cloud web hosting, then the next step is to decide which type of cloud is beneficial for you. There are four types of cloud web hosting.

  1. Private cloud
  2. Public cloud
  3. Hybrid cloud
  4. Multi-cloud

Multi clouds, in turn, also have three different types of cloud. Keep in mind no two clouds are the same. So if you have a different problem, different clouds are there to solve your problem. Many providers provide you SSD cloud hosting. Ssd is a kind of storage device that is developed. SSD stands for a solid-state drive. It is a fully electronic device that doesn’t have a moving part. Let’s understand the various types of clouds.

Private cloud

It is a cloud that is used by a single user or group of users. All the cloud will be termed private cloud if their configuration is done according to a single user. Here, the data security is quite good as a single company is using this cloud, so no other person is entering your cloud. No question of data leakage arises. Because of only a single user, it is costly from other clouds.

Public cloud

It is an IT infrastructure that anyone user does not own. Many different users share it; here, the cost of the cloud is significantly less because of its various uses. But the only thing that you should keep in mind is to have a proper agreement with your provider. Having a solid agreement is necessary for security because any end users are there in this cloud.

Hybrid cloud

This cloud combines at least one private cloud and at least one public cloud, so it has the feature of both the cloud. It is cheaper than the private cloud but not as cheap as of public cloud. If we talk about the security of the cloud, it is more secure than the public cloud but not as secure as a private cloud. So it is the one that lies somewhere between both private and public cloud.

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Multi-cloud is a service that is made up of more than one cloud. All the hybrid clouds are Multiclouds, but all Multiclouds are not hybrid clouds. This cloud-only exists on the particular demand of the client. Now this cloud is becoming more popular among big companies because they seek good security, and this cloud, along with security, provides various other benefits. It also has three different types of clouds

  1. IaaS stands for infrastructure as a services
  2. PaaS stands for the platform as a service
  3. SaaS stands for software as a service

So this is a brief description of different types of cloud. If you want to have cloud web hosting, you can read the above information. Also, you can get ssd cloud hosting if you are choosing cloud hosting. So hope you understand these different types of clouds and wishing you luck in selecting one

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