How to Know Someone’s Phone Number Just with Names for Free


If you have ever received a phone call from a stranger and at the end of the phone call you were left wondering who the caller was, then you would appreciate the need to know both the name and phone number of all your callers. 

We have seen instances where scammers pretend to be working for a reputable organization and offered jobs through phone calls to unsuspecting members of the public. No doubt, some gullible people still fall for such scams because they didn’t do the due diligence of who their caller was. 

In other instances, we have also witnessed scenarios where strangers will send threatening text messages randomly with a view to defraud them of the hard-earned money. 

In all of these, one way to secure yourself and your family members is to use what is popularly known as a reverse phone number lookup service. With this service, you can find out your caller’s identity with ease. If you are wondering how to know someone’s phone number with just their name for free, then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will take a look at the concept of phone number lookup service, its benefits, and how to look up your caller’s number with just their names. 

Let’s dive in!

Phone Number Lookup: What is it?

A phone number lookup service is an online service that lets you search the phone number of a stranger using their names. This service contains a large database of contact numbers and phone numbers. With a few clicks, people can identify their callers to determine whether their intentions are good or scam. 

The phone number lookup service is like a search engine that searches cell phone directories, private databases, as well as other public records to dig out someone’s phone number with just their names. We can also use the phone number lookup service to obtain other information about a caller like their gender, names, state, current city, relatives, and aliases. 

If you find a phone number on your phone without a name, we can use the phone number lookup service to find the person’s name and other useful information about the person. 

Which Reverse Phone Lookup Should You Use?

Now that you know the benefits of using the reverse phone number lookup service, the problem that you may likely encounter is choosing from the list of so many service providers. 

The truth is that there are several reverse phone lookup services on the internet. It can be overwhelming to choose one for your needs. But one service that is like a game-changer is the CocoFinder service. 

CocoFinder has been around for a while now and its services are top-notch compared to other phone number lookup services on the market. Before we show you how to use CocoFinder to look up someone’s phone number with their names, let’s briefly explain what CocoFinder is about and its features.

What Is CocoFinder?

What Is CocoFinder

CocoFinder is one of the best reverse phone lookup services on the internet right now. This service lets you find someone’s phone numbers through their names. This service can help you reveal your target’s identity, their locations, and other important details. 

Additionally, you can use CocoFinder to carry out a background check of your target, their employment history, criminal records, as well as court records. 

Why You Should Choose CocoFinder to Lookup Phone Number 

Why You Should Choose CocoFinder to Lookup Phone Number 

So many people around the world prefer CocoFinder over other reverse phone lookup service, and here is why:

    • Missed Caller Identity: The CocoFinder phone number lookup service can be used to unravel an unknown number when you get a missed call. 
  • Finding People From the Past: You can use the CocoFinder phone number lookup service to find your long-time friends or loved ones you have heard from for ages. Simply enter their old phone number and their current location will pop up.  
  • Find a Person’s Location: There are situations where you meet someone in a cab or bus, but you can’t remember their names or location the following day. The CocoFinder reverse phone lookup service will let you quickly find the person’s location in real-time. 
  • Background Checks: Another benefit of the CocoFinder reverse phone lookup service is that you can use it to conduct a background check on someone. If you feel someone wants to scam you, simply carry out a background check using the reserve phone number lookup service with ease. 
  • Family Safety: Parenting is a tough job. Little kids can go astray due to peer pressure. But with the CocoFinder reverse phone lookup service, you can keep a close tab on your family members. You can view who they are with, what they are discussing, and their exact locations. 

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How to Use CocoFinder to Lookup Someone’s Phone Number 

How to Use CocoFinder to Lookup Someone's Phone Number

Looking up someone’s phone number with the target’s name is pretty simple with CocoFinder. The process is not complex and stressful at all. Simply follow the instructions below and you are good to go:

  • Visit CocoFinder and navigate to where you will find the ‘phone lookup’ tab.
  • Enter your target’s phone number in the space provided on the site, then click on the “start search” button. 
  • CocoFinder will pull up the target’s information from the large database. You can then click on the profile that tends to match the information of the target. 
  • This process doesn’t take up to 3 minutes depending on your internet connection. 


Okay, that’s it. Now it is clear that looking up someone’s phone number with just their name is a breeze with CocoFinder. CocoFinder is a leading phone lookup service provider on the internet that gives you value for your money and time. 

CocoFinder can be used to find important information about a target. CocoFinder is successful because it uses a large database from available public records, which means you will get in-depth information about your target. 

Lastly, with CocoFinder, your family safety is guaranteed. This service is also great to help you reconnect with your loved ones and those friends you have not seen in ages. 

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