Effective Advertising: How to Make a Jingle for Your Business


It’s difficult for businesses to stand out among the 5,000-20,000 branded messages their customers receive every day. Catchy songs known as jingles used to be one of the best methods but are falling to the wayside in favor of pop songs.

With enough effort, you can create tunes that stand up amongst the all-time greats and encourage customers to purchase your product. Learning how to make a jingle is a matter of knowing what they want and how to make them want it more.

Read our guide to learn how to write jingles that consider the product and its audience, use the right words and tunes, and connect to listeners.

How to Make a Jingle

Jingle writing is similar to traditional songwriting in many ways. You start with an idea, write words you think will get the message across, and put them to a tune.

The difference is that a jingle must advertise a product or service and entice people to pay for it. Do this by understanding what you’re selling and creating an easy-to-remember piece that connects with your audience.

Know the Brand and Their Audience

Business jingles must increase awareness of a brand and its products or services. Let this fact guide the rest of your decisions when deciding how to write a jingle.

Jingles should always reinforce the promises, heritage, and consistent quality of the brand they advertise.

Every brand and product has its own audience. Their age, needs, and desires will determine what type of jingle they’ll respond to.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Repeating the same words, tunes, or phrases is one of the best ways to write effective, catchy jingles.

Make sure to include the name of the brand and product your jingle advertises as many times as reasonably possible. This increases brand recognition and helps them stick in your customer’s minds.

You may also want to repeat rhyming sounds or use assonance and consonance to repeat the same vowel or consonant sounds. They make your jingle easier to sing and remember.

Play the company jingle often but not too much. If customers get tired of it, they’ll start to hate it and may turn these negative feelings onto a product or brand.

Create a Connection

Jingle advertising must find a way to connect to its audience, which is why you must know who they are before you start writing.

Nostalgia, or longing for something from the past, is one of the most powerful feelings you can conjure up with a piece of media. If you can do this with a jingle, you should.

If you have a newer product, try connecting to customers another way. Make a hotel feel like a home or a food item feel like a delicious indulgence.

If you’re still struggling to write the perfect tune, check here for help creating professional commercial jingles.

Where Can I Learn More?

Understanding how to write a song doesn’t mean you know how to make a jingle. They require a different process because they’re created with a different goal in mind.

A jingle must sell a product or service. The first step when writing one is to research and understand what’s being sold and who it’s being sold to. The next is to write a catchy, simple piece that audiences understand and connect to.

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