How to Motivate Students Who Don’t Care


Too often students are portrayed as lazy, irresponsible, or those who don’t care enough. Well, we are here to bust this myth. Students who don’t care act so only due to their lack of motivation. However, this can be easily fixed. There are many ways to find the right motivation for each student. You just need to know what you are looking for. Here are a few examples of how to inspire young people to be more interested in school.

Individual studying approach

Too often students are treated like they are all the same. Well, they are not. Individual approaches at school greatly matter. Finding the best studying method for each student can be the most powerful motivation of all. Such a method can captivate one’s attention better, be more comprehensive to a student. Hence, a person will be able to understand more information.

The majority of students who don’t care about the school are not so irresponsible as they want to be seen. More often than not, these are the young people who are frustrated with their low success rates at school, or the fact that they seem to understand slower or lesser than the rest of the students. An individual studying approach can easily fix it. There is no such thing as a bad student. There are only students who don’t try.

Reward good patterns

A system of rewards is as old as the world. To make an employee work harder, an employer offers a system of rewards and bonuses. The same should be applied during studying as well. Grades on their own may not be a strong enough encouragement towards serious studying. However, a proper reward can do miracles to a young person’s motivation. The thing is, it is much easier to make yourself do something you do not particularly enjoy when you see the personal benefit of it.

Of course, such motivation should not overshadow the true reason they take those textbooks in their hands in the first place. After all, a student needs to understand that school is already beneficial for them in so many ways. Once this knowledge is solid, some system of rewards can be established. Which one of us doesn’t like being praised for our accomplishments? We all do. Students will love it too.

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Set the right goals

To be completely honest, there is no secret way to motivate a student who doesn’t want to study other than finding the right goals for them. Studying is not about the process itself. We study to learn what we love and build a good future for ourselves. Hence, good students understand this already. They have the purpose of studying. This is why they can do it so well, to begin with. Students who lack motivation, are lacking the right purposes for their future.

Nothing works as a better motivator than a goal ahead of you. Thus, to inspire your children or students to motivate, you need to have a conversation with them about their future, their goals, and their desires. Once a student understands the connection between the future of their dreams and the school, they’ll start working harder.

Setting the right goals can be the fuel a student was lacking in their pursuit of knowledge. Once there is the connection between the hardships they have to endure currently and the benefits they will harvest later, the student is motivated enough to work towards those goals.

Give them breaks

Sometimes it’s not the lack of motivation but the lack of energy that prevents students from studying hard. No wonder, students are expected to do so much! They have to do the homework, go to school, have part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and, on top of that, they arrive to maintain some social life. It is a lot. In cases like these, students need to have some proper time off. They should have breaks to rest and regain their energy and inspiration to study.

Without proper rest, students will feel more and more inclined to skip classes or ignore their homework. In a situation like this, even a speedypaper discount can do wonders for their motivation to study. Sometimes, a lot of students just need good academic help to make it through the day. Sites like nerdify can also contribute to making a good rest day for students while the professionals are taking care of their homework.

The bottom line

Lack of motivation is quite a lazy excuse for not studying hard enough. In fact, young people can be incredibly hard-working once they are motivated. Thus, often, all they need is a personal approach to their studying. The realization of the school’s importance may come to them late, but once they fully grasp the need for studying, nothing can stop them.

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