PDF Bear: Things to Know About This Online Converter Tool


Having the perfect online tool that would help you in converting any file to another file format is truly a lifesaver. Think about when you have downloaded a certain file, and you want to convert it into another file, right? Especially when you are on a deadline, and you need to finish it soon.

PDF files are probably the most used file format today, and if you want to convert something, PDF Bear has you back. It is the perfect online tool that would help you edit, convert, and annotate your PDF files.

If you’re not familiar with PDF Bear, then we are more than happy to give you a brief introduction of this online tool. PDF Bear is an online tool that you can use to convert, edit, and annotate your PDF files, and it is all for free. It is a cost-effective way of converting all the files that need conversion.

Convert Files

PDF Bear is able to convert a lot of file formats into other file formats such as PDF to JPG, HTML to PDF, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, Word to JPG, Excel to PDF, and so much more. It is worth noting that PDF Bear is one of the most accurate and fastest online converter tools out there.

The conversion process is very fast and extremely easy to use. They even have instructions on how to convert one format to another format. So, this online converter tool is very handy if you are not that familiar with converting file formats. It really is the perfect tool to have for both students and professionals.

You can also export your converted files into other clouds such as Dropbox or Google Drive. If you are subscribed as a PRO member, you can rename your new document prior to saving them. So, if you are interested and want to know more about this online converter tool, you can just read the rest of this article and be amazed yourself.

Annotate and Edit Files

Other than being able to convert your files into other format files, it has more to offer. You can have access to certain editing tools on the online tool. You can split and merge pages from your PDF files. PDF Bear gives you the ability to do all those things in a very accurate way. You don’t have to do any reformatting, as the converted file wouldn’t be any different than the original.

Editing your PDF files on PDF Bear is similar to its conversion process. The process is really smooth and easy to understand. You just have to import the PDF file that you want to edit, and just allow it to work with the editing option that you picked. When it’s all done, you can download the PDF on any storage device that you have.

Multi-platform Accessibility

PDF Bear can be used and have access to a lot of other platforms. With this online converter tool, you can convert, edit, merge, split, and annotate your PDF files by using your PC, laptops, smartphones, and any other devices. It can also be used on various types of operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows.


You can surely rely on PDF Bear to give you all your conversion needs. The best thing about it is you can do it on any of your devices, so this online tool really is handy in times of need. Even if you are not that tech-savvy, the instructions really proved to be very helpful. So, if you are in need of any converting, why don’t you try out PDF Bear?

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