Phone Buying Guide: Things to consider when buying a new Phone


Buying a new phone is a tricky one. If you are an iPhone fanatic, it is easy for you to pick one coz Apple launched a few models in a year. Being an Android user is a tiring task. You have hundreds of options. If you are buying a new smartphone do not forget to buy a phone cover. Nowadays, the custom mobile cover is trending in the market.

If you are upgrading your old mobile phone, you should consider many things before buying a new one. Some are listed below. Things may not seem fruitful, but they are worth noticing. You should be well versed in the latest technology, specifications, and prices to make a firm decision.


The first concern is the processor. This year we bought a laptop that took a few minutes to boot. Hence, we got to know about the SSD chipset that enhances the performance and the laptop boots in a few seconds. It saves a lot of time and does not lag while multitasking. Similarly, the phone processor has a great impact on phone multitasking. Especially if you are a gamer or a binge watcher, you need a decent performer.


Qualcomm is the biggest Android chip manufacturer. The 8 Series is the highest one that precedes the 7, 6, 4, and 2 series. It is false that the higher the number, the better is the version. The Qualcomm 7 series is a better version than the 8th series. In recent models, 6, 7, or 8 are powerful enough.


Like Qualcomm, MediaTek is one of the biggest chip suppliers for Android phones. MediaTek’s top processors are Dimensions 1100 and 1200 which are super-powered. MediaTek Helio series powers mid-segment phones and are powerful like the Dimensions series.

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Samsung also powers phones by making chipsets under the brand name, Exynos. Most chips are high-end but secondary to Qualcomm processors. Samsung empowers its own manufacturing phones with these chipsets.


Random Access Memory RAM is the memory where your phone stores short-term files and applications. The more RAM, the more is the memory of your smartphone.

It is superfast storage that is better and enhances the phone storage options. For example, iPhones with 4GB RAM are extremely well performers because of their well-optimized OS. In Androids generally, 8GB RAM phones are great for multitasking.


Storage is all about how much stuff you can keep in your device. It has less to do with performance and more with storage.

People don’t require much storage because of cloud services, but the cloud will charge you once you exceed the limit. People need more space in their mobile phones now that smartphones have good resolutions and HD video quality.

Some smartphones allow you to expand data storage capacity via microSD slots. Either you can buy good space phones like 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB as per need or get a phone with expandable storage options.

Display Size:

If you are a gamer or love watching movies, go for big-screen phones. A larger display enhances phone usage and is an important aspect these days. Younger generations love using larger display phones with sharp quality. If you want a budgeted investment, you can go for small screens too.

Display Type:

So the next point after screen size is display quality. Whether you like an LCD, OLED, or AMOLED display, it is your choice, but what are these? Let us find the details:


LED offers a brighter display with vibrant colors. It has a backlight rather than pixels control. Hence it does not give the same experience as an OLED display. It may change with the latest technology.


As mentioned above, OLED displays feature deeper black levels than LED. It is because OLED displays conserve energy. They are not bright as LED displays but bright for better usage.


AMOLED is similar to OLED displays. It is an advanced version where LEDs are controllable via an active matrix. It has faster refresh rates and precise controls.

Display Resolution:

Screen Resolution is an important factor that accounts for the display pixels. More pixels mean sharper and more detailed images. On the contrary, higher resolution means more battery drain.

Many premium phones have a 1440p display which means there are 1440 columns. Some phones even have 4K displays which means 4000 columns of pixels.

Mid-range phones have a 1080p display, and low-range phones have a 720p display. You can buy phones with 1080p and higher resolution for better results.

Battery & Charging:

“The heavier the battery is, the long-lasting it will be,” this is a wrong perception. It depends on resolution, usage, and many factors. If you want to know the battery capacity check reviews.

No matter if it’s a wireless or wired charger, what matters is how fast it charges. Is it determined by the charger’s wattage? A 120W charger charges the phone in 20 minutes.


Every person values the camera in some way. We don’t want to carry extra baggage while traveling. Many mid-range and high-end phones offer great quality cameras that capture iconic photographs in various modes. A 64MP camera and more is preferred these days for crisp pictures. Before you buy, check the camera type, aperture, megapixels, and modes offered.

Operating System:

There are two OS on the market- Android and Apple iOS. Android is more customizable than iOS as you can download third-party apps easily via the Google Play store. If you are thinking of a startup, check the low investment business.


Last but not least is configuration. We all want a stunning device in our hands that is attention-grabbing and worth asking for. We all have different tastes, and you can get it accordingly.

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