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What is an error?

In the modern world, the main source of communication is mail. This way of communication is using by millions of people around the world. Even these emails are making it easier to transfer messages from one person to another. If the messages are sent repeatedly within a short period of time then these mails are converted into spam messages at that time we will face some type of errors they are commonly known as [pii…  errors.

Why does this [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error arises?

When are dealing with the mails the only source of tool we use is Microsoft outlook. While we are using this application we will encounter so many errors among them this only one. There are so many reasons for the occurrence of this error. It does not depend on a single error.

The major reasons for he happening of [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error:

  1. Heavy storage of mails in a single account.
  2. Random customization of settings in the mail box.
  3. Presence of an outdated and old version of the outlook.
  4. Restrictions of access outlook which is caused by any anti-virus system applications.
  5. Multiple accounts are used in a single device etc.,
  6. Presence of unlimited unwanted files like the cache in the device.
  7. Improper connection internet to the system in which this error has occurred.

Solutions for [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error problem:

The people who are getting more stress with this problem it’s time to get out of this thing. Here are simple and best ways to solve these errors.

Method 1:

Using automatic repair tool of the system:

This auto repairing tool is available in each and every device we are using in the present generation. You can simply visit the settings window of your device. In that window select the auto fixing option, under that option choose an application like Microsoft outlook. If the problem in the outlook is very minute then it will be solved automatically in this process. By using this method you can decrease the occurrence of [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error.

Method 2:

Clearing unwanted cache in the mailbox:

This is the main reason for the happening of [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error because this cache will slow down the transfer process. It will take more time to transfer a single file when we compare it with others. So frequently we must clear the cache in our device that we are using for the mailing mails. This will definitely avoid the occurrence of any kind of errors including [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error.

Method 3:

Re-installing or updating the software outlook application once again:

If the version that you are having is an old one. Then you commonly face [pii.. errors in your daily life. Even if you have the latest version of the outlook due to some external facts this kind of error will occur. At that time just re-install it and run this application for a few minutes. The other thing of availability is an update of the software. In this case, simply update the outlook application.

  This will restart the total application from the beginning onwards, If any faults are found in the middle then it will re-correct by itself. After this thing is done properly then you have to login to your account from the initial stage onwards. By using this method there are major chances of decreasing the errors.

Method 4:

To turn off the restrictions of outlook:

Most of the people who are using electronic devices and who want to maintain their own device at perfect condition, at that time they will install some kind of anti-virus applications.

This antivirus protection applications are very useful to protect your device from all dangerous viruses. But at the same time, it will not allow some files to reach your mailbox.

 This all un-received mails will become faulty data file. And this will become the reason for the occurrence of error. First we must remove all the restrictions regarding mail setup in that anti-virus application. So that it will not interfere in any one of the mails that have received or the emails which are sent by a person. By using this method you can easily come out of this [pii… errors.

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Method 5:

Using the same account in different web browsers:

When the person uses the same account in different browsers this type of error may happen without any doubt. If a person login his account in any one of the web browsers by some means he left that browser and forgot to logout of his account. When the same person tries to log in to his own account in any other web browser. At that time the same account will be an inactive mode in both the internet browsing sources. This will become the root cause for the process of having errors.

So you must make sure about one thing that while using your account it must be logged in only one browser and not more than that. If needed for any emergency purposes we can use it for two browsers at a time. By exercising the above method there are huge chances of decreasing the errors.

By using the above all methods so far we discussed in the above session. It is sure you can solve this [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error very easily.


Even if you take many precautions to avoid errors. These errors will definitely occur. Such type of is this [pii… errors. For the people who’s work is only sending and receiving mails in any company. This kind of people is bored by this [pii. errors Because they frequently face this problem. The people who know more about this kind of error can only solve this problem easily. Why because they know what to do and what not to do when they have seen these errors.

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