Popular Mobile Games Released in April


Everything has been shut down by the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus known as COVID-19. Still, other countries have slowly opened their establishments to allow the economy to get back on their feet. People are excited about going outdoors, but there are still a few days left before the lockdown is lifted.

It’s been two months since the lockdown, and you must have run out of things to do by now. No worries though here’s a list of some of the most popular mobile games released in April 2020 to get you and your friends through the remaining days of the lockdown. So free up a few bytes on your storage space, gamers.

Cytus 11

This game has been developed by Rayark and is known to be good at producing different content and mechanics. Rayark has created a few mobile rhythm games and one of which is the Cytus 11.

Mobile games like this feature a traditional backstory that takes its players to the mechanics of the game itself. Cytus 11 is popular among players who are into games with a folkloric narrative.

Here’s how this game has tickled the minds of seasoned mobile game players. The game features the story of how humans have changed the internet. The plot thickens as humans sync the real world to the virtual world. This virtual space, developed by humans called cyTus, features a mysterious DJ called AEsir, who creates music that enchants people.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

If you are a fan of survival games, then this one’s for you. It is the counterpart PlayStation 4 game released by Microsoft Windows in June 2016 and was later on released in Xbox One in June 2017.

Dead By Daylight Mobile game has garnered a total of 4.1 over 5-star reviews on Google Play since its release on April 17, 2020. It is an interactive game where one player acts as the ferocious killer, and the other four players take on the roles as survivors.

These survivors try to escape their fates against the killer to avoid getting caught and sacrificed to the Entity. What’s exciting about the game is that it includes downloadable characters from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream, Saw, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Developed by top game producers NetEase Games, this was released this year with futuristic and exciting features. Since its release, it has amassed 3.3 over 5-stars ratings on Google Play. Get your hands on this game as it takes you to the year 2030, and the world is in ruins caused by a terrible war.

Players are taken into an endless conflict on nuclear weapons and factions fighting on the battlefield. It is an interactive game where one player takes on the role of an elite soldier ready to bring justice and peace while other players try and escape their twists and turns of fate.

Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager

This insidious tournament is a simulation game designed to challenge the minds of its players. Century Game developed this mobile game, and since its release in April 2020, it has amassed a total of 4.3 over 5-star reviews on Google Play. Players are taken into a community of robbers, syndicate kidnappers, and Mafias, to name a few.

This game will undoubtedly provoke the minds of its players in managing the business, occupying new territories, joining Gentlemen’s Clubs, and making money at Casinos. Players can choose in a variety of roles, such as the benevolent leader or a ruthless crime lord. The best way to describe this game is to steal your way to victory.


These are just some of the notable games released in April 2020 that made our list. But if you look closely at your App Store or Google Play, game developers have created high-quality and exceptional games for players who need a good challenge. Check some of the honest reviews to help you decide on which games have the best graphics with fewer issues.

As mobile games become part of our daily grind, spending your leisure time playing these mobile games might be beneficial. Studies found that playing mobile games increases one’s ability to create sound decisions, so game on players! Creatives and developers release mobile games daily, so don’t forget to check out the latest news online.

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