How to Protect Your Expensive Gadgets from Kids


Accidental damage and water damage are two of the common causes of losing an expensive gadget. Often, the person behind the damage is a curious child. This has happened to everyone with kids in the house. Physical damage is not the only type of damage. Some kids even end up inviting a virus by accidentally downloading malicious software.

Hiding your expensive gadgets is one way of handling the situation. Or you can distract them by making them watch cartoons on Spectrum TV if you have their cable services. But kids are sneaky, they can still find our gadgets. To protect your precious investment, the following are some handy suggestions on child-proofing tech:

1: Password Protect your Devices

This should go without saying – lock the device with a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint.

Even if a child spots your device, they won’t be able to get in without the password.

2: Get a Protective Case

Obviously, password protection is not enough because the threat of physical damage still exists. This calls for getting a protective case to wrap around your tablet, smartphone, or any other device.

Look for a case with ultra-rugged protection. If it’s a phone case, search for the one with a sturdy polycarbonate skeleton in silicon skin to absorb shocks and bumps. This means if a child accidentally drops your gadget, the case will take the shock and your device will remain in top shape.

3: Sign Out of all Shopping Accounts

It is tempting to stay signed in to your shopping accounts. If you love reading, you are probably signed in to your Amazon account so that whenever you see a nice book, you can download it in one click. This can be perilous. What if your child ends up ordering something expensive?

Ideally, sign out of all shopping accounts especially if you share your Kindle, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with your child. Turn off the one-click purchase option from the account’s setting.

This safety measure extends beyond family. If your gadget is stolen, the thief will get easy access to all your accounts. Sign out of your accounts and remove the option of entering passwords automatically.

4: Set Boundaries

Since you are in charge of your gadgets, it is wise to set rules for device usage. For instance:

  • Never put a gadget such as an iPad on the floor
  • No one is allowed to take the gadgets into the bathroom
  • No gadgets while having meals

Likewise, set specific times when your kids can use gadgets. Create rules for where they can use these devices. Do you want your kids to take the gadget into their room or are they only allowed to use them in the living room? Take the opportunity to teach your child how to respect things and keep an expensive investment safe.

5: Apply Screen Protectors

Of course, every device must have a screen protector (if applicable). This protective layer prevents the screen from getting scratches. Some sturdy screen protectors can even take the blow and make the screen crack-proof.

Depending on the thickness and clarity, screen protectors come in different price ranges. Head to the electronic store to get a protector that fits the make and model of your gadget. Prefer the one that is thick for extra protection.

6: Use Mounts

Instead of handing over the gadget to your child, free yourself from the worry of slippage by using mounts. Keep the gadget out of their hands and place it on the mount. Make them wear wireless headphones to enjoy the experience.

Mounts are available in a variety of sizes for various gadgets. Buy one that’s suitable for your child. This will make it certain that your child isn’t running your device.

Modern gadgets are an excellent way of making children learn and stay occupied so that parents can have a moment to themselves. Take the time to put some safeguards in place to ensure that your expensive gadgets last for a long-time.

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