Rainbow Six Siege: How to play Ash


For players who love the fast-paced scenarios, Ash is always the operator after their hearts. But you need to learn how to play the operator so that you can maximize your potential fully. For instance, you must understand her weapons, special abilities, and even her gadget.

But one thing is sure; Ash is the operator that can create a path through the walls. But, you’ll need proven r6 hacks to ensure a good result, even if you’re the wall-breaker of the team. So, if you’re set to become the FBI operator Ash, keep reading. We’ll explore everything you need to know about her to help you walk easily in her shoes.

How to Play Ash

1.   Strategize the fire breaching rounds

This is the skill that makes Ash a great choice for many Rainbow Six players. She uses the M120 CREM to drill walls and the Kevlar panels. But while it is tempting to create a hole in a wall, the rounds are just two. So, save them for when you must use them.  Also, be careful not to use the round on non-drillable surfaces; otherwise, it’s a complete waste.

2.   Strategize the Loadouts

Once you choose to play Ash, you’ll use the G36C assault rifle and the R4-C rifle. Whereas these weapons are similar, they perform differently. For instance, while the recoil of G36C is more stable than R4-C, the latter does more damage with a higher fire rate. On the other hand, the R4-C boasts 860RPM (rounds per minute), so it’s obviously more damaging. That’s why the G36C is your best option for short-range shots, while the R4-C should go for long-range shots. Ash also has the 5.7 USG and M45 Meusoc as her sidearms.

3.   Confuse enemies with Ash Gadgets

Sometimes, all you need is to throw off an enemy momentarily to create the opportunity for a perfect kill. Ash has the right gadgets to do the trick. First, there’s the stun grenade and the breaching charge to use for such situations. You can throw the grenade and set the breaching charge to do more damage after the grenade detonates. The way you use them depends on the circumstances you find yourself in at that time.

4.   Don’t shy away from gunfights.

Playing Ash means that you’re suitable for gunfights. The playstyle for the FBI operator should be aggressive and not defensive. So, always engage with the enemies first before your teammates. Since you can create holes in walls, it will also be beneficial to stay ahead of other members. However, don’t take risks like facing bombs and feeling like a superpower.

5.   Don’t be a loner

You may feel and seem like the strongest, but don’t forget that you have other players in your team. Moreover, it is best to utilize every skill, weapon, and ability of the team members for massive impact. Also, being alone makes even the strongest agents vulnerable to enemies. So, coordinate with others and ensure the win for your team members.

6.   Distract the enemy for the team

Playing Ash can help the team in more ways than you know. We already covered the breaching round which the operator has. But did you know that it can work in different ways? For instance, Ash can use the gadget to drill the hole and keep the enemy’s attention focused on it while she peeks at them from another point. Peeking is dangerous, but breaching rounds can make it safer for you. So, don’t forget to drill the hole when it is necessary to peek into a corner. It can also help when you’re peeking with another team member.

7.   Play with best team members

To get the best results as Ash, it’s best to play with operators such as Thatcher, Glaz, and Twitch. These operators merge well with the wall-drilling FBI operator. Thatcher is the Pathfinder with amazing field experience. He is a Special Air Services soldier in the British Army and is loaded with SAS tactics in the game. Glaz is the great attacker that your team can use for a sure win. Glaz provides covering fire no matter the distance and can shoot through his HDS Flipsight. On the other hand, Twitch is the operator that can lay ambush for the enemy with Camouflage. The Ambush ability makes the agent great in your team.


It feels great to play a strong operator in Rainbow Six, and Ash is one of the good ones. With her skills, loadouts, gadgets, and weapons, you can ensure the win for your team. We have covered some important things you must know before playing the operator. Just remember to use your breaching rounds carefully. Also, avoid walls that you can’t drill to keep your rounds safe. Remember, also to coordinate with your team and play aggressively.

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