Effective Ways to Reduce Unwanted Sounds from the ASMR Videos


Do you spend most of your time scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed? Then, by now, you must have come across an ASMR video. It’s one of the ongoing YouTube trends that first acquired immense popularity in 2009. Since then, a large number of content creators have made their contribution to this most-accessed social media platform by creating an ASMR channel where they post relevant content frequently. 

Despite being one of the most-viewed and shared videos, it can at times affect the online viewer’s experience. Especially when you will record the video in a noisy environment, the final outcome or the sound clarity won’t come as it was intended to. A rattling sound from the air conditioner, a whirling generator, or the humming sound from a refrigerator will ultimately degrade the video quality. 

Therefore, before starting the ASMR video, it’s important to acknowledge the right tactics and tools to implement for avoiding unwanted noises from the background. Choosing the right microphone while recording the video plays an imperative role in making it perfect without any sort of interference. So, if you are a potential ASMR artist and want to eliminate the background noises, here we are compelling a few effective methods that need proper consideration. 

Simple Methods to Prevent the Background Sounds from Getting Recorded

Are you planning to start an ASMR channel on YouTube? Then, you should first know how to make ASMR videos without recording the background noises. And, the prime focus on making these sorts of videos is to provide a soothing experience and relaxation to the netizens. 

Hence, always keep in mind, ASMR videos are not about using the best ASMR microphone or other essential equipment, it also revolves around how tactically you can remove the unwanted sounds from the videos. 

And, there are a lot of things that can be potential reasons behind an unwanted sound. Even, at times, the sound of your voice can cause severe disruption. But, there is nothing to fret over, because there is a hefty solution that can help you to deal with these sorts of sound glitches. 

  • Reducing Echo is Highly Recommended

In the majority of the instances, echo is produced when a sound that you are trying to include hits the surfaces of the wall. Ultimately, it causes unwanted distortion and noise amidst the video recording session. At times, echo is considered to be a crucial part that brings considerable amounts of changes while recording a song. But, in an ASMR video, an echo can completely ruin the sound quality. 

So, in order to eliminate the echo, consider installing foam panels, if you are recording the video in your house or studio. Don’t forget to keep a few pieces of furniture to reduce the echo while recording in an empty room. Simply, visit the nearby tech-shop and opt for buying cost-effective foam panels without a second thought. 

  • Blocking the Background Sound is Pretty Easy

No doubt, you have properly installed the foam panels or absorption panels to keep aside the echo or outside sound with professional assistance. But, do that when it comes to preventing the background sound while recording an ASMR video, only a foam panel is not enough. 

You have to work more on adding more layers to the walls of the room. Are you thinking of installing glass or concrete layers? Well, then go for it; it’s one of the most effective ways that are made especially for sound isolation. 

Also, you can go with the mass-loaded vinyl(MLV), it’s one of the best sound control schemes that you could ever think of. Due to its flexible nature and for containing soundproofing material, this sort of product has acquired widespread acknowledgment. It ensures sound reduction, so as a skilled ASMR artist, you should definitely take MLV into account. 

  • Reduce Noise Effectively

Do you know that you can easily reduce the noise by opting for the right recording method? Are you aware of any of it? No! Then, we would highly advise you to follow the below-mentioned instructions whilst recording an ASMR video. Dealing with sound issues can now resolve with these easy-to-access video-recording techniques: 

  • Initially, you have to reduce the volume of the smartphone while recording the ASMR video. Or else, an additional sound while receiving a call or while accidentally turning on another video from the device will get recorded. 
  • Make sure, you have kept a proper distance from the microphone to get the perfect sound in the ASMR video. And, if you are trying to add loud sound, get away from the mic, or else it will lead to sound distortion. Do you use a microphone that has a gain knob? Then, don’t forget to change it frequently for producing an effective ASMR video. 
  • Connect the microphone with the camera properly to avoid unwanted sound from the background. Additionally, consider using a desktop over a laptop, because it causes less noise. You can even avail the benefits of a DAW (digital audio workstation), or any other recording software to skilfully eliminate unwanted noises. 

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Do you use a pop filter in the ASMR microphone? No! Then, start using it — it’s effective, easy-to-use, and comes in different sizes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a noise protection system, a pop filter, pop shield or pop screen is definitely the go-to equipment that you should consider buying. 

Things to Consider while Recording an ASMR Video

Have you recently started an ASMR channel? Aren’t getting adequate views on the videos? Then, here we are sharing a few effective tips which will enhance both the quality of the video and the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel. 

To record ASMR videos without the background noise, keep an eye on the following requirements: 

  • Choose a proper location while recording the video.
  • You should also know the accurate time to record the ASMR videos.
  • Make sure you are using the correct microphone to get an incredible sound quality. 

Reducing the Background Noise was Never this Easy!

Sometimes, reducing the unwanted noise from an ASMR video can be daunting. But, fortunately, there are a few effective software that is specifically designed for noise reduction from both the videos and audios as well. This includes software such as Audacity, Krisp, Izotope RX7, Noise Gate, Accusonus ERA Bundle, Adobe Premiere Pro, and others. So, download this software now, and get desirable outcomes in return. 

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